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Which David is Jomari Yllana’s fave?

Jomari Yllana

Jomari Yllana

David Cook and David Archuleta

David Cook and David Archuleta

MANILA, Philippines – Jomari Yllana is all agog for the concert of David Cook and David Archuleta which he is co-producing on May 16 at the SM Mall Of Asia grounds.

Which David is his fave? “It was one ‘American Idol’ finals where I wished that both of them emerged as winners,” Jom says. “Wala akong itulak kabigin [I can’t say anything bad].” Read more…

It’s good news that David Cook and David Archuleta will go to Manila on May 16 for their concert. Many Filipinos are excited to watch this stage concert in SM Mall of Asia.

Miss Philippines Earth 2009 is Sandra Seifert

MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH 2009: Sandra Seifert (Negros Occidental)

MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH 2009: Sandra Seifert (Negros Occidental) (middle)

A beauty queen from Negros Occidental was crowned Miss Philippines-Earth 2009 late Sunday night, May 10.

Sanda Seifert, a Filipina-German model, bested more than 40 other candidates to win the pageant. She will represent the Philippines for the Miss Earth 2009 pageant this coming October.

The beauty pageant was held at the Arena Entertainment and Recreational Center of the People in San Juan City and aired over ABS-CBN Channel 2. Read more..

Congratulations to Miss Sandra, with her beauty and brains she won over 50 candidates. Hope she can make our people more aware of taking care of our environment.

Is Zaijan Jaranilla (Santino) overworked?

Zaijan Jaranilla & Justin John Mata

Zaijan Jaranilla & Justin John Mata

Seven-year-old Zaijan Jaranilla says during a “May Bukas Pa” shoot, “Tulog na tayo. Antay na lang natin ang cutoff time tapos uwian na tayo.” It was 1:30am.

Being a minor, is Zaijan Jaranilla working beyond 10pm? This can’t be as ABS-CBN strictly observes the 10pm cutoff for minor talents. Can he be overworked then? Read more…

Zaijan is the next Niño Muhlach according to some Filipino. A seven year old boy who can act like other great actors. Hope that the staff of May Bukas Pa will not let Zaijan to sleep late during the shooting of Santino.

Gaita Fores shares Secrets of the Masters

ent13hThis Sunday night at 7:15, chef Gaita Fores (photo) graces the kitchen of Q-11’s Secrets of the Masters sharing with the viewers not only her love for Italian food but the secrets to some of the best Italian recipes served in her restaurants Cibo, Pepato and Café Bola.

Chef Gaita starts with an interesting mix of raw ingredients for her Pomodori Crudi Emarati or Raw Marinated Tomatoes with Garlic and Basil, which she will use for three dishes — Bruschetta, Spaghettini, and Grilled Chicken Breasts. Read more..

This is a delighful show to look forward to. I sometimes watch cooking show to give me new techniques and recipe to cook for my friends and family, Ms. Gaita is best in these kind of shows.

Anne Curtis: Five years and still going strong

Anne Curtis and GSM Blue

Anne Curtis and GSM Blue

It’s mutual admiration between Anne Curtis and the liquor brand she has been supporting for five years.

The pretty actress has again been tapped to be the face of GSM Blue.

“I’m very proud to be the endorser of GSM Blue. My happiness emanates from the fact that this partnership remains very strong after all these years. Time flies so fast,” said the 24-year-old beauty, who advocates responsible drinking in her endorsement of GSM Blue. Read more…

Anne Curtis fresh face is really suitable to be the product endorser of GSM Blue, we all know that she is one of the sought-after actress of her generation. She recently played the role of Dyosa, a television series in ABS-CBN and currently having her special guest role in ABS-CBN teleserye May Bukas Pa as Carla.

Late night sources of laughter on GMA-7

cool center partnerNo other channel knows the popular adage “laughter is the best medicine” better than GMA-7. As proof, more and more TV viewers are religiously getting their required dose of humor from two of the most-watched comedy programs on late prime, “Bubble Gang” and “Cool Center.”

There’s no denying that the country’s longest running and most-awarded gag show is still as popular when it first aired 13 years ago. “Bubble Gang,” thanks to its unbeatable hodgepodge of wacky hosts and over-the-top gags and sketches, Read more..

Watching comedy shows really cure ones problem once in a while, it’s good to know that telivision networks like GMA offers such shows.

Michael Flores vouches for Richard Gutierrez

Michael flores

THE co-stars of Richard Gutierrez in “Zorro” and its crew members all speak highly of him. They say he’s “mabait, marunong makisama, mapagkumbaba and never throws his weight around the set even if he’s the show’s title roler.” This is the reason why they don’t believe that Richard pointed a gun at Michael Flores during the birthday party of Direk Mark Reyes.

“Nagkatrabaho na kami ni Richard noon sa ‘Kamandag’ and he’s so easy to work with,” says Michael. “Wala talagang anumang away that happened between us.”

“Even when I was a total newcomer paired to him for the first time in ‘Captain Barbell’, talagang mabait na si Richard, very accommodating and supportive,” says his leading lady Rhian Ramos. “Kaya nga good karma siya kasi lahat ng naging shows niya sa GMA, all topraters, just like ‘Zorro’ na kahit siya sinisiraan, mataas pa rin ang ratings.” Read more..

It’s about time Mr. Flores cleared the issue about him and Mr. Richard Gutierrez, and shows some appreciation towards the actor.

Katrina has a new friend?

katrinaThe buzz is Katrina Halili has caused the break up of JC Tiuseco and his older lawyer girlfriend. JC seems to don’t find the time to be with her ex-gf. He was with Katrina in Boracay last Holy Week shacking in Carmela De Boracay hotel. When former f___ing friend Kris Lawrence looked for her, she was with JC in her room. She claims they were with girl friends. But JC has dismissed these buzzes.

If this true, Katrina’s getting the image of a man snatcher. If she stole Hayden Kho from Dra. Vicki Belo, she did it again with JC from his girlfriend. Katrina must learn notoriety puts her in tab heads but it takes away income earners. Even if she has a good manager, it doesn’t replace a highly marketable talent. Many products don’t want to be associated with negatively perceived endorsers. It doesn’t even make people watch movies and television shows except perhaps no-income talk shows.

Katrina was last seen in Dear friend’s series.

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Carlo J. Caparas: An endless parade of TV hits

carlo1It was Carlo J. Caparas, the Komiks King no less, who kicked off the current trend of movies-adapted-for TV.

The endless parade of Caparas TV hits goes on — with more coming!

The good thing about Carlo (who has been awarded for enhancing the National Language) is that he — and his wife Donna Villa — have kept themselves above the never-ending network war. Thus, Carlo happily crosses boarders while maintaining his “neutral” stance and identifying himself neither a Kapamilya nor a Kapuso. As they would say, trabaho lang, walang personalan.

Carlo J Caparas is indeed a good komiks writer.

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ABS-CBN launches summer station ID

Summer always sizzles with energy. This season, ABS-CBN’s Station ID shows how such vigor can be used to help make the country a better place.

In the colorful music video, entertainment stars and news personalities will be seen building homes for the poor, cleaning a river and the sea, sweeping streets, feeding children, among many other community activities.

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