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Heart Evangelista, in love and war

Actress’ mother Cecile Ongpauco, breaks her silence demanding an apology from Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero for being allegedly disrespectful and arrogant and for “manipulating” her daughter into “going against the family.”

Mrs. Ongpauco says her daughter is a “victim,” she said, and called out to Escudero again to “leave my daughter alone.”

In an interview with the Inquirer Wednesday afternoon, Ongpauco said Evangelista, the youngest of her six children,left her (the actress’) condominium unit in Makati City. The Ongpaucos have their own unit in the same building.

“We don’t know where she is,” the actress’ mother said, adding that before the misunderstanding, she had a “beautiful relationship” with her daughter.

“We were together almost every day. She would cook breakfast for me and her dad (Rey Ongpauco). We were OK,” she said. Mother and daughter were last seen together when the actress renewed her talent contract with GMA 7 early this month.

Heart’s parents are very worried since they believed thaat their daughter is“still young and innocent, overprotected as a child.”

Evangelista (Heart) “does not have a mature mind and still thinks like a young girl,” the mother said. “She is easily swayed by people who prey on her insecurities and lack of confidence.”

Ongpauco added: “My husband decided to come forward and discuss the issue because he can no longer take it. This is the first time he’s speaking publicly in all the years that Heart has been in show business.”

Mr. Ongpauco in an interview with TV Patrol said that he didin’t find anything good where the senator is considered aside from their reasons: Escudero’s inability to give Evangelista a church wedding since he could not yet remarry in church after being annulled to singer Christine Flores, was also an alcoholic.

Heart’s father pleaded that before anyone, she should think of her family first.

Meanwhile, Chiz’s response in a text message to the Inquirer on Tuesday, the senator said in Filipino: “It is enough to say at this time, that, even though I am slightly involved, as much as possible, I don’t want to meddle in the misunderstandings between parents and their daughter … I am not part of show biz. I don’t combine work with my personal life and I don’t allow anything personal to affect my job.”

The actress supported Escudero, saying, “Chiz and his family have shown me nothing but goodness and affection. There is no reason for them to get dragged into this.”

The actress added this was not the first time her parents had publicly showed their disapproval with her relationships.

She said she “gave in” to their wish for her to leave actor Jericho Rosales because “I wanted them to be happy … but now I believe I already have the right to decide how to live my life, who to love and to be with.”

The Escuderos spend Holy Week ‘away from politics’


MANILA, Philippines – Sen. Chiz Escudero and wife Christine will spend the Holy Week ‘away from politics, somewhere in the south,’ together with their twins Chesi and Quino. ‘It’s the second Easter for the twins,’ said Chiz, ‘and I like us to be together. Easter is like a second Christmas. We have Christmas in December to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and in April the Lenten season ends with Easter, the Resurrection of Christ.’

This early, the Escuderos want to instill in their children awareness of Christian traditions, such as the pabasa, the visita iglesia and the cenaculo during the Holy Week.

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