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Dawn Zulueta shows interest to take Maricel Soriano’s role in “Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin”

Walang Hanggan star Dawn Zulueta confirms on a taped interview on The Buzz last Sunday that her camp is in talks with ABS-CBN regarding a role in the upcoming drama series, Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin. The role was originally conceptualized as Maricel Soriano’s comeback vehicle to the Kapamilya Network.

However, a controversial incident during a taping of the series, which  involved the Diamond Star and her co-star Gerald Anderson, led to the veteran actress’ eventual removal from the cast.

After news that Soriano was taken out of the project’s cast list, Zulueta’s name immediately came up as a possible replacement. During The Buzz interview, Zulueta confirms that producers of the series and her camp, particularly her business manager Boy Abunda, are in talks to take the role Soriano was supposed to portray. The beautiful actress says she is very interested with the role and is leaning towards accepting it but is still waiting for Abunda and network executives to finish negotiations before they can make the final decision.

“It’s a wonderful story and a wonderful cast. ‘Yung likelihood na tatanggapin ko ito is pretty high but it’s still pending nga sa mga usap-usapan nila, ni Boy Abunda at saka ng executives. Sa Lunes talaga pa namin ‘yan ma-co-confirm,” Zulueta explained.

Aside from Anderson, other members of the cast include Cristine Reyes, Dina Binnevie, Tonton Gutierrez and Diana Zubiri.

Meanwhile, Soriano remains quiet after news of her exclusion from her very own comeback project in the Kapamilya network broke out. Her camp is asking the public for more understanding as the veteran actress is still going through personal issues, including depression, after the death of her mother in 2009. Soriano signed an exclusive contract with ABS-CBN in November 2012. Aside from Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin, two movies are also lined up for the Diamond Star as part of her ABS-CBN contract. The fates of these projects are still unclear.

Dawn Zulueta excitedly waits for her second angel

Dawn Zulueta

Dawn Zulueta

In the frenetic world of show business, one should be made of hardy stuff. Granted, it is glitzy and glamorous; however, it is still impossible to overlook the pressure that comes from being a part of this industry. First, there’s the need to always look beautiful for the adoring fans, and this includes being physically fit. After all, one must be fairly healthy in order to endure the demands of never-ending shoots, tapings, guestings, and other various commitments. Then, there’s the need to be constantly diplomatic and in control, despite real or manufactured controversies and intrigues.

Recognizing this side of show business, it is doubly refreshing to find someone that sticks to the rules of hard work, self-discipline, discretion, and professionalism. An actress who personifies this breed of showbiz celebrities is Dawn Zulueta. No wonder then that she has earned the admiration and respect of her peers and fans alike. Read more…

Despite of being a wife and a mother, Dawn stays physically fit. She’s still beautiful and sexy, that’s why she has many endorsements. There are many people who admire her beauty.