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Derek and Nadine find each other interesting

Rumors have it that Derek Ramsay and “Kidlat” love interest Nadine Samonte are carrying their on screen romance over to real life.

The two stars reportedly disappeared on the set of “Kidlat,”  without so much as a by your leave to anyone in the production team.

Derek and Nadine denied this in separate interviews at the thanksgiving party TV5 threw for the fantasy-action series’ outstanding performance, ratings wise.

“Ano kami bata?” Nadine protested. “Hindi kami tumakas.  Nagpapaalam kami sa production (staff).  At pag umaalis kami ni Derek, kasama ang mga staff.”

Derek, who sat in a separate chair away from Nadine repeated the same thing.

“Lumalabas kami kapag lunch break at kapag nasa area kami (ng mga restaurants).”

Derek, now popularly known as Kidlat,  adds that he and Nadine  haven’t dated on their own.  They always have company (e.g. co-star Baron Geisler).

But the mutual attraction is there.

Derek describes Nadine as interesting, someone he’d love to know better.

Meanwhile, Nadine admits that she and Derek enjoy each other’s company. And she welcomes the idea of knowing him real well.

“Gusto ko matibay ang foundation ng relasyon namin. Ayaw kong pumasok sa sitwasyon na pag may  negative (na sinabi) about him, masasaktan ako.”

Yes, she admits they’ve asked each other private questions. But the status of their relationship is not one of them.

But the fact that Nadine asked Derek pointblank if he’s seeing someone and if something special exists between him and Cristine is already a good sign  for the romantics out there.

“Ayaw  kong pumasok sa isang situation na  magulo. Iwas ako sa gulo,” she explains.

As for  Derek, all he has to say is that he finds Nadine interesting.  Interesting enough to want to know her better.

“Only time will tell if (the relationship) will grow,” he adds.  Derek would rather cross the bridge when he gets there.

If and when that magical moment comes, Nadine  promised that she’ll be more more than happy to  announce it to the world.

“Kung kami, sasabihin namin.  Pareho kaming single. Honest ako. At sa showbiz, walang namang maitatago. Lalabas at lalabas yan.”

Now you know why Nadine exudes a special glow  and Derek himself is keeping his cards close to his chest.

“Malalaman natin kapag nandiyan na,” he says.

“I’m emotional, but at the same time, kailangan mo munang mag-isip bago ka magbitaw ng salita.”, Derek Ramsay on haters.


Derek Ramsay wants to put a period to the chapter of intricate talking about him and his ex-girlfriend, Angelica Panganiban.


He admitted that he’s hurting to the haters attack but still, he respects all of these.


Derek seriously stated, “It’s hard sometimes, merong haters medyo bastos na magbigay ng opinyon. Hindi na nga opinyon, atake na, e. But there is no way you can make everybody like you.”


“Respeto lang ang puwede mong ibigay at yung tunay mong pagkatao, that’s it. That’s how I was brought up to live my life and that’s how I’m gonna continue to live my life.”


“I’m emotional, but at the same time, kailangan mo munang mag-isip bago ka magbitaw ng salita.”


“I made many mistakes in my life. The important thing is matuto ka sa mga mistakes na ginawa mo.”


ON ANGELICA’S “PASABOG.” Last Tuesday, November 13 Angelica had like a “Twitter press conference” due to her unexpected tweet that she was open to respond to her followers on Twitter regarding her and Derek.


Angelica has a lot of bomb attacked to Derek.


But Derek’s only response to it is that he has nothing to do if that’s how Angelica feels.


To Derek’s added statement, this might be the last time he’s going to make statement regarding him and Angelica.


He still strongly clarifies that he finds their togetherness with Angelica in 6 years valuable.


He said, “You know what, six years kaming nagsama. I look back on those six years, I don’t regret and I enjoyed. So, guys, please let’s give that relationship that much respect.


“You don’t have to like me, but yung pinagsamahan namin, sana irespeto niyo naman yun.”


“Six years is no joke. There’s a lot of hard work, lot of happiness, lot of tears, but we have to draw the line [on] how much we give to everybody.”


“I just wanna respect the relationship. It deserves that.”

A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP. Due to the publicity of their relationship that ended in separation, He wants to have a normal relationship now.


He ended, “I don’t want it to be so high-profile. It’s too much hard work, too many people expecting, too many people judging. I don’t want that.”


“I just want a normal relationship.”






“There’s nothing I can do if that’s how she feels.”, Derek Ramsay on Angelica Panganiban’s post about their breakup on Twitter.


Derek Ramsay admitted that he wasn’t aware about the Q&A happened on Angelica’s twitter account last November 13. As a matter of fact, he didn’t believe that Angelica is the one posting tweets like that at first.

“THAT’S ANGEL’S OPINION.” As much as possible, The Kapamilya actor doesn’t want to comment about that new Twitter post of Angelica regarding their break-up.

He said, “That’s Angel’s opinion, I think. There’s nothing I can do if that’s how she feels.”

“You know, the breakup happened a long time ago.”

“She has a new relationship and I think the focus should be about that—and not about what happened to whatever we had.”

“If that’s how she feels, what can I do?”

What can he say about Angelica’s response to her twitter follower asking this: real reason why you & Derek had to part ways?”

Angelica: “Napagod na ko magtiis.”

For the Amazing Race Philippines host, “I think may tamang tao sa kanya.”

“Kung she was with me, nagpilit o nagtitiis, I don’t think it was…”

“I think it’s a good relationship.

“It’s just sad that it’s the case, that’s what she thinks.”

ANNOYED BY THE ISSUES. Do Derek find these questions/ issues about him and Angel coming from different people annoying?

Derek said, “it’s annoying na parang it doesn’t wanna go away.”

The TV5 star added, “People say that they want to give us a chance. It will help if they give us a chance without being so negative, di ba?”

“I’ve moved on, she’s moved on.”

“I think the focus should be not about her past relationship but on her new relationship.”

“I don’t really know what to say or comment.”

“I guess she’s communicating with her fans… her fans have a lot of questions.”

“If that [is what] she knows happened, there’s nothing I can do.”

Regarding his communication with Angelica after their relationship, Derek admits that it isn’t as often as when they were still together.

“We did have short communications, but not like before.”

“She sent me an e-mail; I sent her an e-mail back.”

“I don’t know, we broke up without getting on each other’s circle.”

“It was a good breakup.”

“But then after, there is she… it’s just weird.”


“NO BAD BLOOD.” According to Derek, He is ready to face Angelica.

He said, “Ako, if I see Angelica, if I ever cross her path, I’d say ‘hi’ and greet her, of course.”

“I don’t know what to say because, for me, I don’t think there’s anything wrong.”

“Angel and I decided to end our relationship a long time ago.”

“I think when she’s ready  and I’m ready, our paths will meetmaybe we’ll be good then.”

Derek clears that he has no hard feelings to the ex-girlfriend.

“There’s definitely no bad blood from my side when it comes to her.”

“You won’t hear me speak of Angel and the relationship that she has now.”

“I just can’t wait for the day for people to stop asking or make up stuff about everything.”

“You know, this Twitter thing is very new to me and I don’t think she’s doing it to badmouth me.”

“Like I said, she was just expressing her opinion.

Angelica Panganiban opens Q&A on Twitter. Answers about her breakup with Derek Ramsay revealed.


Angelica Panganiban directly answered questions of her Twitter followers about her ex-boyfriend Derek Ramsay yesterday, November 13.

The Kapamilya star opened Q&A to her twitter followers after knowing that there’s another blind item about her and the boyfriend, John Lloyd Cruz.

“Pwede nyo itanong sakin kahit ano.. Sasagutin ko. :) pagod na pagod na kong manahimik!!!! Game :) ,”  Invites Angelica on her personal Twitter account that has more than two million followers already.

The actress joked, “Mag papa schedule sana ko ng interview kay tito boy [Boy Abunda]. Kaso nilalagnat ako. At baka busy sya. So kayo na lang mag interview sakin.”

Later on, she retweet her followers question with answer consecutively.

Most of the question is regarding their breakup with Derek Ramsay that was her boyfriend for six years.

Here are some of the answers of Angelica to her followers’ questions:

@KaylaCuenca: @IamAngelicaP hmm..real reason why you & Derek had to part ways?

Angelica: “Napagod na ko magtiis.”

@itsmeaien: @iamangelicap third party po ba kung bakit kayo nag break ni derek?

Angelica: “6th party”

@IamHAZELQ: @IamAngelicaP I heard sa friend ko na your X often have girls on the side while kayo pa,is that true?

Angelica: “Huh? talaga? #stupidme”

@megmarc: @IamAngelicaP Ano ang pagkukulang mo sa relationship mo noon with Derek?

Angelica: “Respeto sa sarili.”

@jowvee: @IamAngelicaP ayaw daw ni Derek sa mga friends mong gays kaya kayo di nagkasundo?

Angelica: “Yup.”

@joshcobico: @IamAngelicaP paano ka napagod sa kanya? ikaw ang nakipag break?

Angelica: “Yup”

@pepperpumba: @IamAngelicaP is it real that Derek is treating you like alalay, taga prepare of all his stuff.

Angelica: “Ok naman yun dati.”

ON MARRIAGE ISSUE ABOUT DEREK. Aside from these, Angelica was questioned about the past issue about Derek being married before they get together.

At first, Angelica refuses to answer and said that she will be going to answer these on Sunday in a showbiz talk show on ABS-CBN, The Buzz.

@qwen825: @IamAngelicaP did u know from d start of ur relationship w/ derek dats he’s already married?

Angelica: “Save natin yan sa sunday!”

@ishylyshy: @IamAngelicaP Nagkaroon ba ng ibang girls si Derek Ramsey while you were together?

Angelica: “Sa sunday na din yan!”

@ShowbizAddict: @IamAngelicaP Totoo bang kasal na si Derek at yun ang dahilan ng hiwalayan nyo?

Angelica: “Pang the buzz to. sa sunday na yan!”

Sa mga sumunod na tanong tungkol dito, maiksi ang naging sagot ni Angelica.

@imXavierR: @IamAngelicaP db may ex wife sya.. Naging issue ba talaga yun sa nyo?

ngelica: “Ex?”

@jaccruz19: @IamAngelica if ipa annul ni derek ung kasal nya and mkipag balikan sau, bibigyan mo ba ng chance?”

Angelica: “Haha! hindi :)

Nabanggit din ni Angel na wala siyang alam tungkol sa paglipat ni Derek mula sa ABS-CBN patungong TV5.

@usaKATHNIEL: Pangit po ba ang pagka break up niyo ni Derek kaya lumipat siya sa ibang channel?

Angelica: “Nagulat na lang ako nasa 5 na sya.”

Simula ng kanilang paghihiwalay, sabi ni Angelica, wala na siyang komunikasyon sa dating boyfriend.

@MitchLovesBGSM: @IamAngelicaP kumusta ang relationship with Derek nag usap na ba kayo after break up?

Angelica: “Never.”

@nasifmulok: @IamAngelica may communication pa rin ba kayo ngayon ni derek?

Angelica: “Wala :) ayoko.”


After her Q&A for her twitter followers, Angelica is expecting that she’ll be in the news afterwards.

She said, “Pupusta ko ang nakalagay sa headline sakin “angelica,d maka move on” or “angelica, bitter” naks! #sanabukas haha!”

Derek Ramsay Admits Relationship Problem With Angelica Panganiban

Along with the greetings of recognition that Derek Ramsay received as the Box-Office King award, he also bumped into a lot of controversies that he and her girlfriend Angelica Panganiban decided to part ways.

It was seen by a numerous media reporters that Derek didn’t bother to mention the name of her girlfriend as he told his speech of appreciation in the 43rd Box-Office Entertainment Awards of Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (GMMSFI) last April 29, 2012 (Sunday).

In the given statement of the media, Derek explained his side after the program proper saying that, “I didn’t name names. I didn’t even name my sisters. But when I say family, Angel is part of our family.”

As an answer to the very controversial question whether the actor and Angelica already broke up, Derek admits that, “Angel and I are working things out. We’re talking. May pinagdadaanan kami.”

Despite the fact, Derek believes that they can get through the phase in which they are right now.

The actor-TV host added, “Pinagdaanan na rin namin ito before. So we’ll see. ‘Pag nag-usap na kami, doon kami magsasalita.”

“GIVE ME SOME TIME.” Meanwhile, the controversy regarding the misunderstanding that Derek and Angelica has have been very persuasive when the writer, Ricky Lo of Philippine Star mentioned in one of his column that there’s an affair going with Angelica and his co-Star Magic actor John Lloyd Cruz.

It was included in the published article of the Startalk host that it started when John Lloyd and Angelica had their photo shoot of the scenes taken in Vietnam for their upcoming series.

With that, a source of the entertainment columnist mentioned that there is also a problem with the relationship of Shaina Magdayao and John Lloyd Cruz.

A media reporter tried to obtain a disclosure statement from Derek regarding the issue last May 2, 2012 but currently, the actor is at Boracay for his Frisbee competition.

The actor requested to leave him with the issue and let him enjoy first the award that he acquired in the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (GMMSFI).

In the end, Derek said, “You know naman me, I will talk naman. But for now, let me have this time naman muna to enjoy.”

Derek’s Decision

Derek ramsay taking up another path of his career after signing up a contract at TV-5.
A week ago Derek Refuse to renew his contract with Kapamilya(ABS-CBN) because  the TV5 offer was something he could not refuse.
“Leaving ABS-Cbn was not about money” Derek says,It was about doing something he really wanted to do.
He indeed wanted more exposure on the small screen, and with uncertainty about any upcoming projects plaguing him.
TV5 offers to derek ramsay a hosting job for the local franchise of the international reality show, “The Amzing Race”.
which he sees as his real calling, In fact, he sees the show as a sort of extension of his persona;
something he can really feel at home with and also succeed.
At this stage of his career, when he become popular in the showbiz world, as one of the franchise artist of the station,
changing loyalties is considered a very big gamble. And he probably knew this very well. But despite the odds,
it seemed Derek, who is the devil-may-care, adventurous type, was happy with his decision.

A Dream Come True

The Annebisyosa No Other Concert was indeed a dream come true for Showtime host Anne Curtis. Her first and last concert was held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Saturday,  January 28, 2012.

Accourding to Anne, it was really her dream to have one solo concert in a big venue such as the Araneta Coliseum. This dream came into reality despire the fact that the TV host isn’t really a singer. Anne proved her fans that she is really a performer. She dazzled throughout the night in her outfits courtesy of her friend and stylist Liz Uy.

Anne got a lot of support from her friends who shared the stage with her. Some of them are celebs Luiz Manzano, Vhong Navarro, Rico Blanco, Ira Cruz, Sam Milby, and Sarah Geronimo. Sister Jasmine Curtis-Smith also showed her all-out support to her sister as she wishes have her own ‘dream come true.’ Anne also did a showdown with Showtime co-host Vice Ganda. Solenn Heussaff, Isabelle Daza, Georgina Wilson, Karylle, Ryan Bang, and Jhong Hilario also went up the stage to show off their dance moves. Included in the guests are Anne’s No Other Woman co-stars Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay.

Although not performing on stage with Anne, friends showed their support to her as part of the crowd. Among them are KC Concepcion, Jessy Mendiola, Jed Madela, Megan Young, Danica Sotto, Chesca Garcia, Annabelle Rama, Gab Valenciano, Tim Yap, Joanne Quintas, Divine Lee, Victor Basa, Rajo Laurel, and Raymund Isaac.

Cristine Reyes states no plans of becoming an ‘Other Woman’, confronts rumors about moving to TV5

The actress Cristine Reyes said she has no plans of becoming an ‘other woman’ just to be with the man she loves. In an interview with PEP.ph during the presscon of ‘No Other Woman’ at the Dolphy Theater in ABS-CBN compound yesterday, Cristine said,

“Sa tingin ko, ayokong gawin yun na maghahabol ako sa lalaki, ayokong ipilit yung sarili ko sa taong ayaw na sa akin. Kasi parang tatapakan ko lang yung sarili ko. Marami namang iba diyan na puwede akong mahalin.”

As to what she will do if ever the situation comes out in real life, the actress uttered the following statement.

“Pag nalaman ko yung guy na may iba siya, siguro papapiliin ko siya kung sino sa aming dalawa. Kung pipiliin niya yung isa, okay lang. It means hindi siya para sa akin. Kung ako yung pipiliin niya, kailangan na niyang hiwalayan yung isa.”

Cristine Reyes along with Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay starred the sexy film ‘No Other Woman’ produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films and directed by Ruel Bayani. The film is showing on September 28 in cinemas nationwide.

The film focuses on the challenges and problems brought about by marital infidelity. The story revolves on three main characters, the couple, Charmain dela Costa-Escaler (Cristine) and Ram Escaler (Derek), and the other woman, Kara Zalderiaga (Anne).

With regards to the rumors spreading that she has plans of transferring to another network channel, TV5, Cristine exclaimed, “Hindi, a! Naririnig ko, pero hindi ko alam kung merong ganung negotiation. Nakarating kasi siya sa akin hindi through Viva kundi through tweets.”

Cristine also clarified this issue.

“Siguro magkakaroon muna ng discussion. Pero so far naman, I’m happy sa ABS-CBN. Kung meron man pong ganung offer (from TV5), hindi ko po alam. If ever, mabait naman po ang Viva, e, kung saan mas masaya yung alaga nila, doon sila. Siyempre mahirap namang magtrabaho kung alam mong ayaw mong magtrabaho kung saan ka lilipat,” she said.

Rayver Cruz, Cristine Reyes’ new leading man in Reputasyon

Rayver Cruz will be Cristine Reyes‘ new leading man in the upcoming teleserye of ABS-CBN titled Reputasyon.

The role was first given to Derek Ramsay but he was too busy, Jake Cuenca supposed to take over but finally the role was given to Rayver, Cristine’s real life boyfriend.

When asked during his interview in PEP if he accepts that he’s just 3rd choice for the role he answered:
“Natutuwa ako, happy ako, di na importante kung pang-ilan akong choice. Natutuwa ako dahil napili nila ako. Masaya at nagpapasalamat ako sa magandang opportunity na ito. At least may show na naman ako. May mapapanod na naman ang tao at may work uli ako.”


Rayver Cruz (Photo by Alan Sancon)

Here are some of the questions asked by PEP to Rayver Cruz:

  • Na-pressure ba siya na dalawang sikat at mahuhusay na leading men ang unang inalok ng role na kanyang gagampanan?
    May pressure din naman, pero natutuwa ako na nakikita kong nag-e-evolve yung mga roles na ginagampanan ko. Nakaalis na ako sa dating image na bagets. Ngayon paseryoso na. Sa akin, challenge yun, so mas pagbutihan ko ang trabaho ko. Mas lalo ko siyang mamahalin at di ko sasayangin ang tiwalang binibigay sa akin ng ABS,” he answered.
  • Masaya si Rayver sa pagtatambal nila muli ni Cristine. Mas excited daw siya makatrabaho ang aktres bilang isang artista kaysa bilang isang girlfriend.
    “Di ako natutuwa dahil makaka-partner ko siya as my girlfriend. Natutuwa ako dahil makakatrabaho ko siya uli as a co-actor, dahil masarap siyang katrabaho, she’s very professional. Di ko ito sinasabi dahil girlfriend ko siya pero masarap talagang katrabaho si AA, magaling siyang umarte.”
  • May advantage ba na katrabaho niya ang kanyang girlfriend o baka gaya din sila ng iba na nahihirapang katrabaho ang karelasyon nila?
    “Di naman kasi kami madalas mag-away ni AA. Pag nagkakatampuhan kami, maliliit na bagay lang. Naaayos naman agad. Saka very professional kami. Di namin dinadala ang problema sa work. Saka katulad nung nagkasama kami sa Kristine before, may time para magkuwentuhan, magkulitan pero may time din na pag work, work talaga. May time na pag mabibigat ang mga eksena, di muna kami nag-uusap, time out muna.”
  • Kamusta naman sila ng girlfriend niyang si Cristine?
    “Okay naman. Happy kami, walang problema.”

Source: PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)

Derek Ramsay on cancer rumors

Derek Ramsay

Derek Ramsay

For the past few days, a rumor spread that the hunk actor Derek Ramsay has a cancer.

Actually, the only one that really affected me was the cancer issue,” Derek said.

Not because dahil sa akin, kasi alam ko namang walang cancer. I was flying to Zurich (Switzerland) with KC Concepcion, Matteo Guidicelli, and Bugoy Drilon, pagdating ko sa airport, that’s the first time na nalaman ko na may cancer ako.”

Derek was shocked because three of them in the family are named Derek Ramsay; his dad, him, and his younger brother. He laughed about it at first but later it made him worry about his Dad. Timingly his father went to the hospital for a check-up.

He wasn’t worried with his younger brother so much because it is only 18. He couldn’t call his Dad the whole trip that made him really bothered. So as he landed in Zurich, he called his Dad and asked:
Dad, are you hiding something with the family? You know, mabilis akong ma-stress, mabilis akong mag-worry. ”

His dad just scolded him about it. He was just really affected because his family are already involved with the issues and rumors.

Derek was asked on how he handles all the intuges given to him and he answered:
Alam ko yung totoo. I know the truth. Whether may sex video ako, may cancer ako, may ibang babae ako, hindi ko nga kilala. I just throw it over my shoulder and move on.”

He was also asked if he and girlfriend Angelica Panganiban talk about these issues.
Angel and I, they always ask me if Angel and I talk about it, pinag-uusapan ba namin. No we don’t. Isang tanong, isang sagot, tapos na. Like I’ve said, sobrang busy kami sa trabaho na hindi namin aaksayahin ang oras,” Derek replied.