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Desiree del Valle: silent to breakup issue

1189934044_desiree-del-valle_7One of the original cast of May Bukas Pa is Desiree who’s at first did’nt expect that there show will air in several months. Because the show was experimental, they did not expect that their show will become hit to public.The show was a big hit because it touches Filipinos the moral values which can be seen as the show aired. And one of the weekly celebrity guest to this show is Vhong Navarro.

Desiree del Valle and Vhong Navorro had been together for almost three years until they broke up. According to Desiree until now she is not ready to talk about the details on their break-up. Although she had move on and she can tell that they remain friends. Actress was asked if she feels pain to their breakup, answered she does not feel pain, its over and she dont what to tell anything.

Whatever happen to their relationship what matters is that they remain friends. For me, every relationship leaves a lesson. A lesson that you will apply once your heart was ready to love again, a lesson that make a new relationship grow more than what you had in the past. We don’t know when love will strike us, but i am sure it will came in wright time. And no matter how you hide or decline that love will find a way for you.

Desiree del Valle: Move On

There’s a lot of trials coming to Desiree’s life. But according to her, she’s now feeling better. A few days ago her father dieddesiree-2 because of a severe disease. It is hard to accept but they believe that her father didn’t waste his life.  “For whatever it’s worth, I know he lived a full life.” Desiree said.

After a year of relationship with Vhong Navarro, Vhong finally speaked up with their break up. And when the media asked Desiree, she just said that she is not ready to taked about it. As for now, she wants to concentrate to her carrier. And she was too busy in her horror TV series and a teleserye May Bukas Pa.

“Keep yourself busy. And wake up early each day para madami kang magagawa. Kasi sayang eh. Kasi life is short. And you have to make the most out of it. And sana ‘yung mga choices mo maging mabuti to make you a better person” she explained. When she asked what are the lessons that she learned to their relationship, she said, “Every time you have a relationship is always a learning process.  Parang there’s no 101 or basic about it, eh. Everybody involved is different.” She’s right about it. Every new things that people do is always a learning process. Not only in a relationships but all the new experience in life.