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Kris Aquino says Dingdong Dantes is “heaven-sent” for Noynoy’s campaign

Kris Aquino says Dingdong Dantes is "heaven-sent" for Noynoy's campaignNaurong ang nakatakdang paglipat ni Kris Aquino, at ng kanyang mister na si James Yap at dalawang anak na sina Joshua at Baby James, sa bago nilang titirhang condo sa Makati next month. Humirit pa kasi ng palugit si Kris sa mayamang mag-asawa na nakabili ng bahay nila sa Valle Verde II sa Pasig City.

“You know naman me. I’m so maarte, di ba? Pina-renovate ko yung kitchen. So, na-move kami ng pag-transfer. Three Kings na kami lilipat,” pahayag ni Kris sa panayam sa kanya ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last Tuesday, October 20.

Pumayag naman daw ang mga nakabili ng bahay niya sa Valle Verde na ipagpaliban ang paglipat nila doon. Sabi pa ni Kris, “Mababait sila and because pumayag sila, I will give them two 42″ flat TV plus yung iba pang TV sets sa bahay.”

Sunud-sunod ang mga bagong proyekto ni Kris sa TV at mga commercial endorsements. Tatlong malalaking endorsements ang naisara ni Boy Abunda para kay Kris. Pero kahit isang sentimos daw ng kinita niya doon ay hindi niya nakita dahil diretso lahat yun sa campaign funds ng kanyang kapatid na si Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III sa pagtakbo nito bilang presidential candidate sa 2010.


Dingdong Dantes says his fans give him an Adrenaline rush

This 11th of October, a lot Dingdong fanatics gathered in lines as they await the official opening of the famous actor’s book signing event at National Bookstore TriNoMa Mall, Quezon City. These peoeple endured lengthy lines just to personally know and meet the World’s ‘ “Third Sexiest Man in the World” (International Magazine).

Dingdong Dantes says his fans always give him an adrenaline rush

Dingdong Dantes laughing about the Presidential candidate allegiance to Noynoy Aquino

Of course Dingdong was delighted to meet his esteemed fans and wouldn’t want to disappoint these people who idolized him as a handsome and charming man. Sabi nga nila “Mabait, palangiti, madaling lapitan. Higit sa lahat, guwapo at maganda ang breeding. ‘Yan si Dingdong Dantes.”

Featured on bookazine is DingDong Dantes’ personal information, truthful and painstakingly accurate. Those who really wanted to know their idol thoroughly, had their hands on the said item. Bookazine did not put emphasis on his Showbiz Life rather it stressed focus on his personal self and only himself. However this article, according to the actor is not that accurate and personal, since it was not an autobiography and he feels he has a lot more to do in life to feel this sense and completeness to write his own legacy of a lifetime.

For three hours, Dingdong tirelessly and without a trace of fatigue or stress signed purchased copies of Bookazine. He honestly told the media: “In fact I get my energy from them because they show me that they appreciate me. There’s nothing more, I won’t ask for anything more. When I see them I don’t feel really tired,” Dingdong said. He also adds that he cherishes the help of Filipinos for the Yes Pinoy Foundation, which he heads having received a lot of money.

Dingdong Dantes too compelled to his fans, enthusiastically expressed his gratitude saying:

“Hanep kayo, hanep kayo! Maraming salamat for supporting me,” he enthused. “Kaya ako nagkakaroon ng fuel and strength because of people like you and so I never get tired. So, carry on guys!”


Dingdong and Marian: kiss on. . .

aLately Marian and Dingdong were reported doing “public display of affection” at Marian’s birthday party. Just recent the two were seen having a kissing scene in the taping of birthday TV special, Dantes Peak, last Friday, August 21, at Studio 7 of GMA Network Studios. But before any rumored come out Marian reason out that it was part of the show.

Together with the female trio La Diva (Jonaly Viray, Aicelle Santos, and Maricris Garcia) singing the romantic ’70s song “Can You Read My Mind,” Dingdong and Marian performed an interpretative number that ended with a kiss.

Do you think the rumored relationship of Dingdong and Marian was true? Or this is one of public strategy to gain more fans and for their team up be more successful. Well we will find out when the two revealed the real score between them.

Dingdong Dantes: visits ABS-CBN?

ddDingdong Dantes is one of the country’s successful actor today. Dingdong is one of the top Kapuso Network leading man. As reported, Dingdong again goes back to ABS-CBN compound last July 27,2009 for one reason.
“Lilipat na kaya ng istasyon ang aktor?”
But before any news comeout, Dingdong answered the reasons why he is in the ABS-CBN compund. According to Dingdong he was on ABS-CBN for the taping of MYX because he was a guest celebrity VJ for the month of August.
Dingdong will be the guest host from August 9,2009 to August 22,2009 which has a connection to the promotion of his music-video album entitled The Dingdong Dantes Experience.

Upon arriving to ABS-CBN, Dingdong proceed at the 4th floor of Talent Center Building for MYX taping. Although it was clear that the actor was not signing any contract to ABS-CBN there are some fans who saw Dingdong asking him why he was in the ABS-CBN compound. The actor was only smiling to the fans calling him.

When the ABS-CBN reporters knew that Dingdong was in the station, question was asked to Dingdong and he was nice answering questions. One is “Hindi ba siya natatakot na magkita sila ni Karylle?”. Dingdong answered “Hindi naman,wala namang dapat ikatakot o iwasan. So, no problem.” Another question asked, what he will tell to Karylle in case they meet. Actor just answered “Nice place you got here.”
According to Dingdong it was a new experience for him to tape for MYX as VJ and he knows he will learn a lot.

Karylle is happily single

karylle1Karylle  is the daughter of  Zsa Zsa Padilla. She is a singer and model. Karylle has learned a lot from her much publicized break-up with Dingdong Dantes. She realized that she can decide for herself now and doesn’t need the ‘go’ signal of her man.

Karylle would rather spend time with her friends and do charity works. She asked donations from the companies that she is endorsing like Bench, Belo and Blue Water Day Spa. She relates that her rejuvenating activities are  spiritual healing and the spa. She also does Pilates and jogging to keep her fit.

Karylle  focuses on composing songs for her new album.  She is seen on ASAP ’09 every Sunday and an upcoming teleserye entitled “Nasaan Ka, Maruja?” with Kristine Hermosa. She has really move forward thus, sharing her happiness with everyone.

Karylle says ‘no’ to love



Karylle on Sunday admitted that she is not yet ready to fall in love after her much-publicized break-up with actor Dingdong Dantes almost a year ago.

The singer-actress told “The Buzz” that, as of the moment, it is still hard for her to give her heart to somebody.

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Karylle deserves to be happy and if she is not yet ready to fall in love again then be it. I hope she would find the right guy for her.

Karylle says she finally made her peace with Dingdong Dantes

karylle-padillaKarylle appeared on the May 17 episode of The Buzz to answer ten of the toughest questions she’s faced so far in showbiz. The singer looked nervous albeit excited at the questions about to be thrown at her.

However, host Ruffa Gutierrez—who was the interviewer for this time—started out with a not-so-tough question. She asked, “I-rank mo ang most to the least important: Kagandahan, Kayamanan, Kaligayahan ng puso.”

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It is good to hear that finally Karylle and Dingdong is in good terms now. Karylle has really matured and her work has helped her to move forward.

Are those her initials on Dong’s thigh? (Dingdong Dantes)

Dindong Dantes

Dindong Dantes

MANILA, Philippines – Dingdong Dantes is raring to portray Cholo in the Pinoy version of the hit Korean telenovela “Stairway to Heaven.”


“While recovering from the flu, I spent time watching the Korean Tagalized version of the series to warm up to it before shooting starts,” says Dong. “It’s my first giant step in preparing for the role since I wasn’t able to watch the whole show before.”

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It will be a great previlage for Dingdong to portray Cholo in the Stairway to Heaven. We all know that many Filipino televiewers were fun of wathching this movie.

Dingdong Dantes, the Pinoy Cholo

Dingdong, star of the upcoming GMA 7’s version of Stairway to Heaven

Dingdong, star of the upcoming GMA 7’s version of Stairway to Heaven

MANILA, Philippines – Dingdong Dantes returns on the GMA primetime block to portray Cholo, the passionate and charming male character in the Filipino adaptation of the compelling Koreanovela Stairway to Heaven.

Dingdong has been chosen by GMA Network to play Cholo because he fits the character to a tee. His first-rate acting skills and well-built physique make the primetime actor well-suited for the role just like the Korean model-turned-actor Kwon Sang Woo, who played Cholo in the Korean series in 2003. Read more…

Dingdong is really suitable to play the role of Cholo in the GMA remake of the Korean Television Series, ‘Stairway To Heaven’, but who among the GMA stars will play the female lead role (Jodi)?  Kwon Sang Woo of Korea was the original male lead role of Stairway to heaven. Dingdong recently played the role of Homer in Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang.

Dingdong is looking for a new leading lady

dingdongMANILA, Philippines—It’s a done deal, for Dingdong Dantes at least. On “SOP” last Sunday, it was officially announced that Dantes would play the lead role of Cholo in the local version of the popular Koreanovela “Stairway to Heaven,” as reported in Rushes that same day.

Dantes, however, told Inquirer Entertainment that his Cholo has no Jodi. “No leading lady— yet,” he said.

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His last primetime teleserye was Ang babaeng hinugot sa aking tadyang where he was paired with his rumored girlfriend Marian Rivera. I hope that whoever actress that will be paired with him is worthy of the role.