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Gabby Concepcion plays cameo role in ‘BFF’

MANILA, Philippines—It was so heartwarming to interview my second mom, Tita Nena (Amalia Fuentes), for my daily TV show with IC, “IC/DC Chikalectric,” on Viva Cinema Channel.

For the very first time, she opened up about the health condition of her daughter, my best friend Liezl Martinez. “Thank God! The worst is over,” she exclaimed. “Liezl is getting better.”

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Gabby concepcion is a good actor and he  made a surprise and warmly received comeback to Philippine showbiz when he became one of the contract stars of ABS-CBN. Now he suprised everyone because of his cameo appearance in “BFF” together with his ex-wife Sharon Cuneta.

Gabby Concepcion gears for comeback film

Gabby Concepcion is set to be paired with Angelica Panganiban in his comeback film that might be shown before the end of the year, an official of Star Cinema announced Thursday.

In a press briefing, Star Cinema’s AdProm director Roxy Liquigan said the movie, with a working title “Broken Hearts,” will be directed by well-acclaimed director Laurice Guillen.

Kim Chiu, sans onscreen partner Gerald Anderson, will also be part of the film.  Liquigan said Chiu will play the role of Concepcion’s daughter. This will be Chiu’s first movie without Anderson.

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I think this will be an intereaing pair-up for Star Cinema. I hope this film will do great because Gabby and Angelica are great actors.

Lorna Tolentino busy with TV projects

lornatolentinoAfter a long hiatus, grand slam actress Lorna Tolentino is happy to be back at work.

Tolentino is one of the main stars of upcoming television series “Dahil May Isang Ikaw” alongside Gabby Concepcion. She also recently finished taping for “May Bukas Pa.”

The multi-awarded actress and the whole cast of “Dahil May Isang Ikaw” attended an acting workshop last Tuesday as part of their preparation for the latest TV series.

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Lorna is a very good actress. She was seen in different movies and teleseryes and she really did a great job. I just wish that she will enjoy working again after the death of her husband Rudy Fernandez.

Gabby Concepcion eventually wants to find the “right” manager: PEP EXCLUSIVE (Part 2)

Gabby Concepcion manages his own career for several months now.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) curiously asked if his “ex-manager” still has a say about the projects that come his way.

Gabby’s brief reply was, “I get phone calls, I get text messages.”

Aside from his television and movie projects, he’s busy with corporate shows, provincial tours and fiestas. And he’s the one who personally attends to most of the queries.

I think he should be looking for a manager right now because eventually when gets busy, its hard to find the right manager in such a hectic schedule. And also he  should be focused on his true craft, being an artist.

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Gabby, Romnick buck “OA” acting fad

gabby-and-romnickMANILA, Philippines- What’s going on? Why are we being assaulted by so many loud, livid and over-the-top performances on teleseryes and anthology drama shows these days? It’s like many of our actors and actresses have agreed to do their melodramatic worst.

Are we really to blame? Or could it be that directors are pushing them to go all-out with their florid, hysterical and OOA (Outrageously Overacting) portrayals, to keep viewers watching and thus, beat the competition?

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