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Hayden Kho & Vicki Belo, taking it slow this time

Hayden Kho remains coy about the status of his relationship with celebrity doctor and ex-girlfriend Vicki Belo. Recent sightings of the two together in various events and functions have made people and the press speculate that they’re back in each other’s arms after their controversial break-up February of last year.

However, the returning actor said he and Vicki are “taking it slow.” “I can say na naaayos na. But gaya ng sabi niya, we’re really taking it slow. I agree with her na it’s really unhealthy for us to put a label on our relationship,” Hayden told the entertainment media in an interview at the 29th Star Awards for Movies on Sunday, March 10.

Hayden added that they’re happy with whatever they have right now. “It’s a process,” he said. “We’ve been going out as friends—as really close friends,” “The Bride and The Love” star explained. “It’s just enjoying each other’s company. We’re taking it one step at a time.”

‘It’s private’. Asked if they’re in love again with each other, he answered: “Yung mga ganyan, it’s private. It’s personal.”

Despite being together as a couple and as friends for quite some time, Hayden still finds Vicki’s company “delightful.” “I think sa almost eight years na kaming magkasama, I think may mga discoveries pa rin kami sa isa’t isa. Kasi kahit matagal na kaming magkasama, meron pa rin kaming napaguusapang bago,” Hayden shared.

Nancy Castiglione Would Rather Focus On Her New Career As A Broker Than Deal With Showbiz Intrigues

Nancy Castiglione says she has more important things to do than get involved in other people’s love life.

Last April 21, 2012 (yesterday), the media had the chance to talk to Nancy, when she took part in a viral video to advertise a new DSLR camera to be introduced by Olympus.

The separation of Hayden Kho Jr. and Dra. Vicki Belo was very controversial that Nancy became a hot figure that was said linked with Hayden.

When asked if she had spoken with Hayden recently, Nancy simply said no.

What is her reaction to eyewitness accounts relating they were seen together on several occasions?

“Let’s not go there. Let’s talk about the camera na lang,” she said definitely.

What would Nancy tell Dra. Vicki if they happen to see each other again? Though, Dra. Vicki Belo tweeted that she is permitting Nancy and Hayden to openly date each other.

“I don’t know if our paths will cross, to be honest.”

WITH NACHO. Is Nancy still with Nacho Dominguez, the father of her twin boys?

“Yes, he’s coming here later. That’s why I can’t really comment. When I heard about the thing, I didn’t want to talk kasi wala iyon, e.

“It’s just not my priority. I don’t have the time for stuff like that.

“I heard stuff but my priority is really my work and my kids. I didn’t really make it pansin. I spoke once and I think it was enough.”

Members of the press and media tried to interview Nancy last February about the controversy but she didn’t concede any interviews at that time.

She recalled, “I was hosting an event for Armscor. I said hi to everyone but I couldn’t stop ’cause nag-quick change lang ako and then I went up the stage so I didn’t really have time to talk to anyone.”

Were you trying to avoid the press then?

“No naman…if I’m trying to avoid then bye,” she said jokingly.

How does Nacho feel about Nancy being linked to the Hayden Kho-Vicki Belo breakup?

“Wala naman. He knows that I go to work and I have cocktails with clients and then I go home. We’re very, very good.”

Nancy also expressed that she would rather give her attention on her twin boys, Matteo and Joaquin, who have then already started going to school.

“The problem is that I’m not really aware of everything that’s been said ’cause it’s not important to me. I wasn’t really affected and I’m not that active.”

“I have more important things…I have 3-year-old boys, di ba? They started school na so I have to worry about them crying when they go to school…”

Last March 25, Nancy told the media that they happily celebrated the 3rd birthday of her twins with the Toy Story-theme party.

“Cesca Litton was one of the guests…Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer couldn’t make it because their daughter was sick that day.”

Nancy also revealed how she became an endorser for Olympus.

“My interest in photography started quite a few years ago when I was scuba diving. I was interested in underwater photography and after that, na-addict ako so I started this hobby.”

WORKING AS A BROKER. For more than a year, Nancy has been busy studying for her new job—working as a broker for a Dutch company.

“I’ve been into finance for over a year and I still have a lot to learn. I work with the finance industry as a money broker so parang, Wall Street.

“May sigawan, agawan ng presyo. My office is in Makati and the company that I work for is a Dutch company.”

How did she get into the world of finance?

“I took up Political Science in college. When I came back to the Philippines, I took care of my kids. Hands on naman ako.

“When they turned two, I decided that they were old enough for me to start working again. I wasn’t ready to go back to showbiz and I wanted to try something new.

“A friend of mine introduced me to the industry and I sat in the office and I got excited kasi ang gulo!

“There was shouting and hindi siya 9-5 job lang na tahimik. It’s very competitive so it matches my personality.”

Does she miss showbiz?

“I miss the people. My first love is really modeling and hosting.

“I really miss doing stuff like that but ang mga dramas—I enjoyed that also but I’m really enjoying my new career.

“I’m focused on my family and my kids and my new career.”

Who’s the real cheater?

It seems like every one’s going crazy about the Vicki Belo-Hayden Kho Infidelity issue but the question is, with all these stuffs coming out the internet, who’s really the unfaithful one?

Sometime last week, it was reported in Pep.ph that Hayden has an alleged relationship with Nancy Castiglione who is now a mother of twins. A witness claimed that she spotted Nancy and Hayden together in two different occasions in Makati. The two were also seen in a bar kissing. These news were denied by both Hayden and Nancy.

Just a few days ago, Hayden, “at the height of his anger” revealed on his twitter account a handwritten letter which is said to come from a yoga instructor named Al Galang who is now being linked to beauty doctor Vicki Belo. Hayden, at once, deleted the post and said that “Vicki DID NOT have an affair with that guy.” The “ guy” being referred to in his post is Al Galang.

According to information gathered by Pep.ph, Al Galang grew up in San Diego California and is the owner and director of Sundar Bikram Yoga in Greenhills, Sa Juan.

“Vicki did not cheat on me. I did not cheat on Vicki. And Al and Nancy have got nothing to do w/ this,” Hayden said.

Because of all these issues coming around, Hayden already announced his decision of “quitting twitter” and abandoning plans of joining showbiz.

Confusing, really!

Dr. Belo and Hayden were spotted in the front row of the “Dancing with the Stars” show

Hayden Kho Jr. and Dr. Vicki Belo were spotted — seating together in the studio of the “Dancing with the Stars” dance show in America.

Now, no one would ever believe in Hayden Kho’s statement, that he does not have any idea that Dr. Vicki Belo is following him in the United States. It is in fact undeniable that both of them went to see or meet each other in Los Angeles because there are pictures taken for proof. They are even seated in the VIP front row, right next to the show host, Tom Bergeron.

Dancing with th Stars is very popular to all television viewers around the world and this is the main reason why Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho were easily spotted by many. Knowing Dr. Belo, she would not really deny anything if they really planned the event of watching. Many speculations say that maybe that is one of Hayden’s wishes for his birthday as he just turned thirty (30) years old today.

Bea Alonzo – Hayden Kho sex scandal?

Bea Alonzo

Bea Alonzo

From the Katrina-Hayden sex scandal, it was rumored that actress Bea Alonzo had also a past relationship with the very controversial Dr. Hayden Kho and has also a sex video. Bea has laughed off about this rumor and said that she had never been meet Hayden.

The actress is also an endorser of Belo where Kho is currently working with Vicky Belo. She strongly denied the allegation and said that she didn’t even meet Kho anywhere even in the clinic.

Bea once get worried regarding the rumored issue because it might affect her career. She asked the person(s) who made this issue to stop it because they don’t have the evidences and it is really inaccurate. Related Article

Hayden Kho defends by his lawyer Atty. Lorna Kapunan against “public hatred and shock”

Hayden Kho

Hayden Kho

Atty. Lorna Kapunan, the lawyer of  Mr. Hayden Kho said that Hayden Kho is not responsible in producing of their sex videos with Katrina Halili. He, himself also was a victim of the said scandal.

According to her, the public must not be shock and hate Hayden  because as you will see in the video, there are two people there and they’re both equally exploited. Although Hayden has a consent in showing his private part, he admit that taking videos while having sex with Katrina was the only mistake he did.

Atty. Kapunan also defend Hayden about using illegal drugs.  She told who is Hyden Kho before he became a doctor. He was a good man and  Katrina was the one who make Hayden involve in taking this illegal medicine.

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Katrina Halili will go to the Senate to ask for help.

katrina-haydenKatrina Halili have been the talk of the town for the past couple of days because of her alleged sex video with Dr. Hayden Kho. The said video is all over the internet now. Rumors said that it was uploaded by Hayden himself.

This sexy actress will go to the Senate on wednesday to ask for help regarding this matter. One of the Senators who is more than willing to help her is Senator Bong Revilla Jr. because for him, no one is allowed to treat a woman like that. And at his privilege speech at the Senate yesterday, he said that Kho is insane for doing that and his license should be revoked.

To know more about this issue, click here.

Katrina Halili On “Scandal Video” With Hayden Kho: “Still Surviving…”

Katrina Halili

Katrina Halili

Have you seen the Katrina Halili and Dr. Hayden Kho Scandal Video that’s all over the internet lately? Well, actually it wasn’t the ’sex video’ that you would be interested to watch for. As JC Tiuseco would put it, better not to see it as a sign of respect for Kat. Though, it was just a sexy dance of the ex-couple in their undies.

If you happen to watch John “Sweet” Lapus’ successful 16th anniversary celebration in showbiz, then you’ll get a funny idea of what’s in it. Spoofs aside, Katrina was pretty much torn with what she expected of the Belo-Hayden-Katrina controversy to have already ended, which all of a sudden got dugged up by the release of the ’sexy dance’ video. Read more>>>

Ms. Katrina really deserve a peace of mind. Whoever spread the video might have a karma right now.

Maricar Reyes on Hayden Kho

maricar2Aside from controversial Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho video, there is also a video that allegedly involves model-actress Maricar Reyes and the latter.

Unknown to many, Maricar is also a practicing doctor and considers being a doctor as her day job. She reportedly admitted dating Hayden Kho for a year when she was still in med school. “I would say it was serious, like all of my relationships. I was committed to him, we were committed to each other.” Maricar said.

read more…

Hope that Maricar’s profession won’t be put into danger because of what Hayden did.

Four more Hayden Koh sex videos surface!

Hayden Koh

Hayden Koh

“Yeah,” answers Vicki Belo when daughter Crystalle Henares asked her if she had seen the Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili “Careless Whispers” video.

Vicki had admitted Hayden and her are more than f___king friends. They have returned as boyfriend/girlfriend. The buzz is Hayden already got back his luxury SUV and high-end condo unit, both gifts from Vicki which she took back in their split last January. To start off Hayden on his own, Vicki is also going to build his own clinic. She did this despite Hayden’s confirmed streak of infidelity which is turning out to be psychological sickness.

It now appears the “Careless Whispers” video is just a preview to the release of the real thing: the Katrina-Hayden’s sex video! Read more…

I do believe that many are against in the reconcilliation of Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho. Hope that the more four sex videos of Hayden will not release.