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Kris Aquino and James Yap resolve division of wealth

After their decision to have separate ways, Kris Aquino and James Yap had recently resolved their division of wealth.

There was no pre-nuptial agreement between Kris and James before they got married which leaves a big question to many as to how they will divide their wealth.

But even though their marriage did not come into a happy end, Kris still defended James regarding this issue. During an interview with ABS-CBN News yesterday, she said, “Alam niyo, wag niyo naman siyang maliitin kasi MVP din naman siya. Malaki din ang kita niya.”

The Philippines’ Queen-of-all-media said their settlement agreement was ‘fair’ yet she declined to reveal its details for the reason that she does not like to be reprimanded by the judge. She clarified that what matters most to her now is to have a harmonious separation.

“Kung ano man ang naging settlement namin, it was fair. I don’t think he was greedy. It was something na pinagtrabahuhan ko rin naman pero marami naman blessings na dumating din. Sinasabi ko na rin na because of that marriage, I have the biggest blessing because of Bimby,” she said.

In their few years of marriage, the estranged couple had a son.

Also during the interview, Kris mentioned that she is in no hurry for the annulment of their marriage. “It’s not like I’m going to get married tomorrow. It’s not like there’s anybody in the horizon. Tanggap ko na, noh,” she said.

Meanwhile, James Yap also declined to unveil the details of the said arrangement. Through his representative from Kapunan, Garcia and Castillo Law Offices, lawyer Sonya Benemerito-Castillo disconfirmed the hearsays that Yap received from the agreement an amount of 48 million pesos.

In a text message she said, “The gag order issued by the Court prevents us from speaking about all matters pertaining to the case. However, in view of the malicious rumors circulating, we are constrained to set the records straight. The issue on property settlement has long been settled, when the parties amicably and voluntarily entered into an Agreement early this year. Suffice it to state that the terms were fair to both parties concerned. We hope that this clarifies the false and baseless accusations against Mr. Yap.”


Basketball Player James Yap is in No Hurry To Find a New Love

Last August 20, 2011, at the Imperial Palace was the 73rd Birthday celebration of Mother Lily Monteverde.

The Regal Film matriarch said she considers the presence of James Yap as one of the things which made her 73rd birthday complete. She told reporters that she asked for only one gift from her son Dondon Monteverde: “I told Dondon, for my birthday gift, dalhin mo si James sa birthday party ko.” Dondon serves as the manager of the basketball player. Mother Lily really Love James Yap and James Yap feels overwhelm and thankful because of it.

Last June, Kris Aquino told ABS-CBN that she refused to talk to James because of what she experienced at the witness stand duringone of the court hearings related to her petition to annul their five-year marriage. But James pointed out: “Bakit siya magtatampo? Hindi nga kami nag-uusap. Walang tampuhan. Magkaibigan kami pero busy siya, busy ako.” Since James and Kris have been living apart, James said his four-year-old son, Bimby, has been asking him tough questions. The basketball player said: “Si James (Bimby) kasi lumalaki na so kumbaga nakakaintindi na siya. So medyo ingat lang… minsan nagtatanong siya, ang hirap sagutin pero kailangan talaga.” And according to James, he visits Bimby when his schedule allows it.

James Yap clammed up when asked if he was traumatized by his unsuccessful marriage. “Kung na-trauma? Hirap, eh, kasi minahal ko naman. Gano’n lang talaga ang buhay,” he said. But when asked if he’s dating, he replied, “Ba’t gusto n’yo akong mag-date kaagad?” Then he said in jest, “Oo meron….anak ko.” Turning serious, he said that as of now, “wala pa.”

James seems to pretend surprise when asked about his feedback to Gab Valenciano’s statement that he’s dating Isabel Oli, in an interview, “Ha? Talaga? ‘Di ko alam. Mabait naman si Isabel, eh. Kaibigan ko ‘yon,” he said. “Suwerte si Gab kasi mabait si Isabel. Kaibigan ko ‘yon. Sobrang bait na babae,” he added. With the matter between him and Isabel, Yap did not distance himself from the actress. “Hindi naman kasi alam naman namin na kaibigan ko siya. Wala akong masasabi kay Isabel kundi mabait na babae.”

As for another woman being linked to him, Yap once again stressed that he and singer Marie Digby are just friends. “Lumalabas kami as a group. Kaibigan ko si Marie.” James is not surprised with the rumor because he said he’s single. James declined to make a reaction on Digby’s guesting on Kris Aquino’s morning show Kris TV. “Hindi ko napanood ‘yon kasi wala ako dito, eh.”

With the unsuccessful crack at marriage, the basket ballplayer learned a lesson about relationships: “Kailangan talaga magkasundo and kung meron akong magiging asawa siyempre kailangan talaga team kayo. Kumbaga, kung ano ‘yung desisyon kailangang ipaalam sa ano. ‘Yon na ‘yon. Natuto na ‘ko.”

Aside from James Yap, who came with his manager Dondon Monteverde, celebrities who took time to drop by to greet the Regal producer were senators Bong Revilla, Antonio Trillanes, Dick Gordon, also Paulo Avelino, Boots Anson Roa, Ricky Davao, Toni Gonzaga, Paul Soriano, Dennis Trillo, Martin Escudero, Audie Gemora, Gabby Conception and Baron Gieisler. Other stars present to greet Mother Lily are the lead stars of My Neighbor’s Wife, namely Lovi Poe, Dennis Trillo, and Jake Cuenca. Jillian Ward, Mart Escudero, Lan Batherson, and Ervic Vijandre were among the other guests. Ruffa Gutierrez also arrived at the party with her mother Annabelle Rama. When Nora Aunor arrived with German Moreno, Mother Lily personally met the superstar at the entrance of the mezzanine floor where the party was being held.

Diether Ocampo denies receiving 5 million watch from Kris Aquino

DIETHER OCAMPO celebrated his 37th birthday yesterday, July 19, 2011.

Even they have already denied it. Diether Ocampo and Kris Aquino continue to be linked with each other. Just recently, it was reported that he and Kris were seen searching for a house of their own and that Kris gave him a very expensive watch as a birthday gift. “Kris and I became close friends after we did ‘Dalaw’ last year, but there’s no romantic involvement between us,” said Diether.

“About that house, it’s true nagpatulong ako sa kanya maghanap ng bahay kasi I gave my house in Scout Gandia to my mom para doon na siya tumira. So I have to look for another house para naman sa akin. May nakita kami sa Ayala Alabang, pero ang layo. I prefer to live in Quezon City, kasi malapit sa trabaho. About the watch, I haven’t received any gift from her.” He added.

His former wife, Kristine Hermosa, is now preggy with her first child with hubby Oyo Sotto. “I’m happy for them. Buti siya naka-settle down na. We all dream of that… My son Dream is now seven years old and in grade one.”

What is important to Diether is that He will be able to share his blessings to the less fortunate Filipino children. Diether have a great cause to help less fortunate children that’s why he built a K.I.D.S. foundation (Kabataang Inyong Dapat Suportahan) last 2005 with some of his co-stars. Diether had helped many and continue to help more through his foundation. In fact tomorrow July 21, 2011, there will be a fundraising event, Charity Golf Tournament, that will be held on Tagaytay Highlands for his foundation.

Kris Aquino’s Tweets on Junjun Binay.

Around 8 o’clock in the morning, July 18, 2011, The Queen of Media, Kris Aquino expressed her deepest disappointment through her twitter account. Before the friendship of Kris Aquino and Mayor Jujun Binay could reach a comfortable stage, Kris Aquino have decided to stop seeing him after feeling insulted with his marriage comments in a Philippine star article.

Kris Aquino is annoyed because for Kris, Junjun had been so ungentlemanly when he stated that he and Kris are dating. Kris denied the issue stating that it was just a friendly hang-out.

For months, the public had speculated that Junjun might be the newest apple of the eye of Kris. The two are often seen together inpublic places such as the malls and high-end restaurants. Kris and Junjun were both single and available, but Kris outburst of unparalleled annoyance came as a surprise when Junjun affirmed that they are dating. Junjun was quoted in an article in the Philippine Star. He said “Yes, we are good friends. We saw the Justin Bieber concert together, and by gosh, when you’re with Kris, everybody wants to have a picture with her.”

In the same article, Junjun added: “Why do people marry? Because of lack of knowledge…Why do people separate? Because of lack of experience…Why do people remarry? Because of loss of memory.”

Kris Aquino commented about this statement in her Twitter Account, She said, “There’s a quote attributed to him about marriage, separation & remarrying. I know he tried to be witty, but it offended me.”

Kris substantiated this statement with a follow-up tweet. She said, “Thanks to all. May I just explain? I got so sensitive about ‘getting married because of a lack of knowledge, separation is a lack of experience, remarrying is loss of memory’- the truth is james & I have learned so much & we won’t forget the painful lessons we’ve learned.”

Kris also tweeted that she is not proud of her failed marriage and it should have been hers and James’s sixth wedding anniversary last July 10. “When separated & waiting for annulment to be granted there r bad days & sad days- I’m not proud our marriage failed & I cried the whole of july 10- because it would’ve been our 6th wedding anniversary,” Kris tweeted.

As finality, Kris’s parting tweet assures that she is putting her son’s interest as her priority. “U know y I put my sons 1st? Because they never asked to grow up in a broken home & bimby at 4 yrs old deserves constant reassurance that he’s loved by both his papa & mama,” Kris tweeted.

Kris notes that even though she and James have already separated, they try to maintain a peaceful relationship for the sake of their son, Baby James. “That’s y james & I try to live in peace, because we love bimby much more than we care about our pride or ego!,” Kris tweeted

According the news, Junjun asked for forgive to Kris, but she choose to avoid him already to stop other speculations. And on Kris last post on twitter, she said, “In conclusion, nag sorry si jun last night but I guess it’s truly best for us to just avoid each other so no more talk about us.”

Kris Aquino clearing rumors about her and Senator Chiz Escudero; refused giving comment about ex-husband James Yap

Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino

The Queen of Multimedia doesn’t know where or how the rumors started about her and Senator Chiz Escudero.

She made clarifications about the issue through her Twitter account last Tuesday, May 31 saying:
Done w/ our shoot. Can I jump the gun? TV Patrol was plugging my clarification abt Sen Chiz & myself- overtime so puro teaser, no answer.”

Followed by another tweet:
We’ve been linked for no reason that I can think of- didn’t see him thru out campaign last yr, only saw him June 9, 2010 in PNoy’s Batasan Proclamation.”

Kris tweeted these statements because she was asked by members of the press after they visited her in the video shoot of “Love Moves in Mysterious Ways.” It is included in her music album titled My Heart’s Journey.

In her next tweet, Kris said she has no idea about the break up of Senator Chiz Escudero and his wife of 10 years Christine Elizabeth “Tintin” Flores.
“I have no 1st hand knowledge abt his personal life & wouldn’t dare intrude- but he did agree to tape w/ me as my 1st guest for my new talk show- our sked is June 13-14. That’s it- pancit.”

The team of Today With Kris Aquino is set to have a taping 2 weeks from now at Sorsogon for the guest appearance of Senador Escudero in the said program.

During Kris’ interview at SNN, she refused to give comments in news regarding her former husband James Yap.

Rumors started that the basketballl player is now courting Youtube sensation Marie Digby who was once link to hunk actor Sam Milby.

Kris said, “Doon, dedma talaga ako. Kung kay PNoy dedma, mas dedma diyan! “Kasi, let him (James) have his privacy. The very fact na we’re hiwalay already gives him some measure of privacy that he didn’t have when we were married.”"

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino wished freedom from her marriage for her birthday.

Freedom from her marriage, that’s what Queen of all Media wished for for her day and also for valentine’s day.

Kris Aquino celebrated her birthday days before the exact date according to her recent tweets.  She went to the Camiling, Tarlac for her medical mission and gift giving activities last Saturday.  Saturday was spent with close friends and family; a private gathering where guests heard mass and prayed with her. Sunday is for her.   She spent Sunday with her sons Joshua, Bimby and estranged husband James Yap. Kris revealed that James gave her a “lovely bracelet and a heartwarming card.”

Meanwhile she appealed to the the public ,In a taped interview with SNN, to spare her and her guests from all the intrigues before showing at SNN her interview if they saw who were her guests during her birthday celebration last Sunday.

The celebrant said that whoever people saw praying with her family just simply wants to pray with her family, she asked people  to spare  her guests from any intrigue and do to put any meaning on those people’s intention because the are all her friends. Kris was probably referring to Makati Mayor Jun Jun Binay who was romantically linked to her but they just remained as  good friends. The said mayor was spotted on Kris’ celebration.
Kris also mentioned in one of her tweet another personality who is being linked to her lately: ABS-CBN news anchor Ted Failon. According to the tweet Failon gave her a birthday card with an “eloquent” message about life beginning at 40.

But inspite of all the rumored romantic relationships, Kris maintains that she is still building up friendships and nothing more.  She is still legally married to the James Yap but their annulment case is still pending. In this regard, Kris said her ultimate birthday wish is to have freedom from her marriage.
“I want freedom. Yun lang. Gusto ko na legally matapos na lahat para maging malaya na kami ni James. Pareho na kaming makahanap ng kaligayahan namin na hindi namin naibigay sa isa’t-isa,” the actress-TV host said on “SNN.”

PNoy’s Early Valentine

Our own President Noynoy Aquino is said to come back to the country on Monday with “a little bomb”, according to a resource agent of a local news paper. There was a “casual admission” that yes, he is pursuing his stylist, Liz Uy, who was introduced to him by his sister Kris Aquino. Liz also happens to be Kris’s stylist before.

After the break up with Valenzuela’s City Councilor Shalani Soledad, who is now a co-host of Willie Revilleme in a show on TV5, the President has been seen having dinner with Liz whose last known celebrity boyfriend was John Lloyd Cruz. It was also reported that one time, Pnoy visited the set of his sister Kris’ and nephew Baby James’ Nido commercial to see not them but Liz who was also there for 2o minutes.

Of course, Kris has been vocally in favor of Liz for her brother. She once stated to the media that Filipinos should be happy cause PNoy is inspired to work. “She comes from a stable and religious family,” Kris told Funfare. “Her parents have been married for 33 years. They go to church together every Sunday,” very much like the Aquinos who are also very religious. “Liz and Noy share a birthday, Feb. 18,” added Kris who has been giving Liz branded gifts (shoes, bags, etc). “She’s wife material.”

Need I say more? Apparently, the sister is in favor of Liz which will surely give hopes to PNoy to really pursue her. Well, I don’t see it a bad thing really. I think it’s romantic. The more inspired our President is, the more driving force he has to work on the country’s problems. Looks like PNoy is having an early Valentine on a Christmas Season. Very romantic don’t you think?

Kris on her marriage to James Yap: ‘I give up’

In between sobs, Kris Aquino — popular talk show host, actress, and youngest sister of incoming President Benigno Aquino III — confirmed that her marriage to basketball star James Yap has come to an end, after five years of an often-turbulent relationship.

“With finality I can say, ako sumuko na (I have given up),” Aquino said on ABS-CBN’s “The Buzz” on Sunday.

This page requires a higher version browser Aquino said it was not a “spur of the moment” decision, adding that both she and husband Yap, a popular basketball player, tried long to fix whatever problems they had.

Aquino, who has acquired a reputation for her candor in airing her personal pains and peeves under close media scrutiny, however refused to elaborate on the reasons behind the apparent failure of their marriage. “(Whatever the reason) why this marriage, on my part I’m saying, is over, the only person I will owe an explanation to, and the only person who can demand from me (why we separated), is my son,” Aquino said. Aquino has a three-year old son, Baby James, with Yap. “He deserves to hear (the reason) only from me and only from James. We owe it to him… to explain to him,” Aquino explained. Rumors of the separation first came out last week after Aquino failed to attend an event in Cebu due to marital problems, according to her “The Buzz” co-host Boy Abunda. The couple went through at least two other controversies in their almost five years of marriage. Early this year, Aquino was reported to have made a scene outside the house of a woman named Mayen Austria, with whom Yap was widely rumored to be having an affair. Previous to that, the marriage also made headlines in 2007 following rumors of Yap’s yet another romantic affair, reportedly with a Belo Medical clinic receptionist. Aquino married Yap, who is ten years her junior, in 2005. Apart from Baby James, Aquino has a 15-year-old son with former husband, actor Phillip Salvador. On the same episode of “The Buzz,” Aquino bid farewell to her colleagues after a 10-year hosting stint in the show. Saying it was a “big sacrifice” for her, Aquino is leaving the show to avoid criticism which may affect the administration of her brother, who is all set to take his presidential oath of office on Wednesday.—Jerrie M. Abella/JV, GMANews.TV

JOVIT – Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Winner

MANILA, Philippines – “Pilipinas Got Talent” (PGT) grand winner Jovit Baldivino said he will use his P2-million cash prize to help his family.

The 16-year-old singer told ABS-CBN News that he is planning to buy a vacant lot for his family, send his siblings to school and help his parents financially.

“Bibili po ako ng lupa kasi nangungupahan lang kami. Papaaralin ko ang mga kapatid ko, [at] matutulungan ko na ang magulang ko,” he said.

The first PGT grand winner, who hails from Batangas, also advised other aspiring and struggling singers not to stop dreaming. “Huwag kayong mawawalan ng pag-asa… Magtiwala kayo sa sarili at siyempre sa Diyos.”

His parents, Cristeta and Larry, have one wish for their son.

“Sana huwag kang magbago. Nandito lang kami para sumuporta lagi sa’yo,” Larry said.

Baldivino was declared the first PGT grand winner during the talent-reality show’s finale Sunday night at the jampacked Araneta Coliseum. The teenager, who sells siomai in Batangas, has topped (48.81%) the overnight text and online votes.

Dance groups Baguio Metamorphosis and Velasco Brothers were hailed runners up. They received P100,000 cash prize each.

PGT judge Kris Aquino described Baldivino as ABS-CBN’s next singing superstar after his heartfelt rendition of Queen’s “Too Much Love Will Kill You.”

His fans, who called themselves Jovinatics, went in full force at the Big Dome to show their support.

He already created a mark during his audition after singing The Journey’s “Faithfully.” His video was uploaded on YouTube and was viewed more than 3 million times.

He was then dubbed as the next Arnel Pineda, with the striking resemblance of his voice to that of the Filipino international artist.

PGT’s finale was hosted by Luis Manzano and Iya Villania. Watch the replay of both the final performance and results night on Studio 23 this Saturday and Sunday at 6 p.m.

Kris reiterates promise to ‘behave,’ boost Noy’s morale

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino has determined her new “role in life”: To raise her brother, President-elect Noynoy’s spirits especially during tough times.

“When you’re president, ang dami-daming batikos so, paminsan-minsan kailangan mo ring marinig na you’re doing a good job, most especially galing doon sa totoong nagmamahahal sa’yo. And ako, I’m really a positive person,” said Kris during a live TV interview on June 9, a few hours after her brother’s proclamation.

And how has she carried out her, well, duties so far?

“Like kapag feeling ko ang ganda ng speech niya, ang ganda ng pagkasagot niya, tine-text ko siya kaagad. Kapag feeling ko pogi siya that day, nagte-text din ako kasi kailangan naman talagang may balance tayo,” she related on “TV Patrol World” that same day.

The ever-controversial actress-TV host also reiterated her earlier promise that she will now “behave.”

“From this day forward magiging obedient na ko sa kanya (Noy).”

Kris, along with her sisters Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, Pinky Aquino-Abellada and Viel Aquino-Dee, will be what anchor Ted Failon dubbed as “konsensya ng bayan;” the ones who will tell all to Noy including the “bad news.”

“Pangulo na siya ngayon, kaya lahat kami ay bow sa kanya. Pero sabi nga niya kailangan niya ng magsasabi sa kanya kung merong mga katiwalian na hindi umaabot sa kanya. ‘Pag pangulo ka na kasi, mahirap, ‘yung ibang tao hindi masabi sa’yo ‘yung mga pangit na balita, ‘yung mga bad news. Inaasahan niya na kami ang magsasabi sa kanya,” said Ballsy.

Meanwhile, Kris pleaded the public to give her “The Buzz” and “Showbiz News Ngayon” co-host Boy Abunda a break. Note that Boy, whom Kris considers her best friend, has been a target of criticism since Noy divulged contemplating on making him the next Department of Tourism secretary.

“I really want to put a close to the topic already kasi naaawa ako sa best friend ko sa dami ng mga batikos na tinanggap niya. Inamin ko naman ‘yun sa ‘The Buzz’ na sa akin nagsimula, pero alam mo nagsimula at nagwakas ang usapan between Boy at Noynoy. Unfortunately in an interview, nabanggit ni Noynoy ang pangalan ni Boy even after the initial talks already died down.

“So let’s give Boy a break kasi hindi naman niya tinanggap, hindi natuloy, and alam ko rin naman talaga na marami ang naninindigan at nagsabi din na merong maitutulong si Boy Abunda sa ating bayan,” she said.

Should Noynoy appoint celebrities to be part of his much-awaited Cabinet lineup or to any other government position, Kris said “it’s ultimately [his] decision;” a statement that seemingly puts to rest the observations that she has an influence over her brother’s choices.

Kris added: “I think it will also be based on public sensibilities and sensitivities. Ang pinagdarasal ko lang sana pagbigyan ng pagkakataon ng mga tao ‘yung mga gusto talagang sincere ang paninilbihan na ibigay sa bayan natin.”

The presidential and vice-presidential proclamation yesterday became another occasion for showbiz and politics to mingle. Spotted inside the Batasang Pambansa were ABS-CBN executives, president Charo Santos and channel head Cory Vidanes, talent manager Deo Endrinal, singer Ogie Alcasid, actor Dingdong Dantes, actor-director Cesar Montano, Regal Films matriarch Lily Monteverde, Kris’ cager-husband James Yap, designer Paul Cabral and fashion editor Liz Uy.

Speaking of Liz, her ex-boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz told “TV Patrol” in a separate interview that he has congratulated her for reportedly being tapped as the “First Stylist.”

“I sent her a message. I just congratulated her as always. And I’ll always be proud of her,” the three-time Box Office King said.

Kris’ advocacy

Apart from being a cheerleader to Noy and a bastion of truth for the nation, Kris will also be busy with her advocacy of helping unfortunate young students, particularly those in Grades 1 up to Grade 3. She starts off by distributing 2,000 school supplies in Tarlac on June 10.

And as ordered by her president-brother, the “Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo” star will be “giving back” to those who supported Noy during his campaign, and reach out to all.

“Sinabi ko kay Noy na namimili ako kung saan siya malakas. Pinaalalahanan ako ni Noy na ‘No Kristina, kailangan mag-reach out ka sa lahat dahil ikaw ‘yung may kakayanan,’ [and] as Ate [Ballsy] said nga, dahil sa napapanood ako sa TV araw-araw, mas madali na makapunta at makalapit sa kanila so after Tarlac merong kaming Cebu and may isang area sa Mindanao,” she said.