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Annabelle Rama: Speaks to John Lloyd

john1anaCelebrity family are famous in Philippine showbusiness.
Normally if one member is facing controversies or problems members are always there to give support to each other.One of family celebrity is the Gutierrez clan which in the past few months faced issues.

One is the matinee idol Richard who survived the near fatal accident and the family was there to pray for his fast recovery. Another is Ruffa and Annabelle, in the past months Ruffa become headlines in showbiz news. Rumors comes out that Ruffa is the reason behind the breakup on John Lyod and his non-showbiz girlfriend although both parties denied that issue. This rumors leads to Annabelle and Ruffa’s quarrel, Ruffa leaved their residential house in Makati and decide to move to her new house together with her two daughters.

Weeks past and the rumors still grows, that John Lloyd and Ruffa have a relationship. John Lyod had to leave the country for the Star Magic Concert in America, also Ruffa and Annabelle go to America, which  leads again to a speculation that John Lloyd and Ruffa will meet there. According to Pinoy Paparazzi magazine they taked picture of John Lloyd and Ruffa entering the high-end hotel in America, unfortunately the picture were hard to  believe because they taked photos only the back view and you can’t figure out their faces.

Finally, Annabelle speak out in one of her guesting in “Ruffa and Ai”, Ruffa’s talk show. Annabelle said “Nakikita ko yung mga mata mo at mata ni John Lloyd, nag-twi-twinkle-twinkle . . .” “Payo ko lang kay John Lloyd, Dong napakatapang mo ligawan mo si Ruffa, dyan ako bilib sa yo. Maski ayaw ko sa iyo ang kulit-kulit mo kay Ruffa, okay na rin ako sa ‘yo Dong,” Ruffa was shocked all that she said was “Oh my god, ma! .  Annabelle added, “Hay naku Ruffa ako sumurrender na ako sa inyong dalawa, bang tao pa kaya. Kaya mga fans, sumurrender na rin kayo, hayaan niyo na silang dalawa.” Annabelle said that she saw the sincerity and respect of John Lloyd to Ruffa.  Annabelle added, i was amaze to him(Jon Lloyd) because he is not afraid to enter in this kind of relation. Annabelle send John Lloyd bad messages but the actor did not reply, still the actor continues and did not stop.

” Ayaw ko na makialam dahil ngayon ang nagiging kaaway ko na yung mga apo ko. Di lang si Ruffa kaaway ko, pati anak ni Ruffa. Wala na ako magawa ang bandila ng bisaya binaba ko na. Pati paa ko at kamay ko tataas ko na rin, kasi nakikita ko naman si Ruffa na nageenjoy siya sa trabaho niya ngayon at nagenjoy siya sa company ni John Lloyd at si John Lloyd ganun din. Hayaan mo na ‘yun, surrender na ako dun.” said Annabelle.

According to T.V interview at T.V Patrol World Ruffa is happy for what her mom said, Ruffa adds that her mom and dad are okay with John Lloyd and that’s what matters, and she is thankful that the worst is over.