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Ethel Booba speaks up about Willie

Ethel Booba finally broke her silence on her feud with Wowowillie host Willie Revillame, who castigated her and fellow host Ate Gay on national TV over the results of a costume contest on the said show. “Hindi di ko siya (Willie) sinigawan,” she said. Asked who is lying, she or Willie, Ethel answered, “Siya (Willie). Witness ang mga staff at si Ate Gay. Alam nilang walang sigawan na nangyari,” Ethel said in an interview after the presscon of her new reality show, TV5’s “Boracay Bodies.”

Ethel admitted she never expected Willie to scold her publicly. She reported for work, feeling ready to call it quits. Ethel said she just wanted to just go abroad. “Feeling ko okay kami,” she recalls.“Sabi pa nga niya, ‘wag kang mag-alala, ipagtatanggol kita.” Ethel was referring to Willie’s reaction regarding negative Twitter messages the former showed to him the day he scolded her and Ate Gay.

Ethel also recalled that Willie raised his voice after she told him Ate Gay felt hurt over the results of the costume contest, where he chose the show’s choreographer Anna Feliciano as the winner. “Noong sinabi ko kay Willie na nagtatampo si Ate Gay , sabi niya, ‘Anong problema?’ Tumaas ang boses niya. Nagmura siya at sinabing, ‘Ang liit na bagay. Yan lang. Kung hindi ninyo gusto ang patakaran, lumayas kayo. Get out!”

Ethel was understandably shocked. She also denied that she confronted Willie in the dressing room over the matter. “Maling mali ang statement niya na sinugod namin siya sa dressing room. Teritoryo niya yon. Di totoo yon.”

Success and Willie. Ethel felt success has gotten the better of Willie. Ethel also notes that Willie has been sour since “Wowowillie’s” lost viewers to rival show, “It’s Showtime.” She added that she was controlling her feelings since Day One, when Willie blamed her for the brown-out that happened at the presscon of “Wowowillie.” At this point, Ethel still feels hurt and is not ready to patch things up with Willie.

Meanwhile, there is no bad blood between her and Ate Gay, who has rejoined “Wowowillie.” Ethel knows her friend just wants to make a career move and create a niche on TV5.
“Nag-usap na kami,” Ethel reveals.

Ethel is “The Diva” on “Boracay Bodies,” which premieres on TV5 on April 6, 9 p.m. Joining her are Brent Javier (“The Boy Next Door”), Victor Silayan (“The Lover Boy”), Luke Jickain (“The Wise Man”), Krista Miller (“Mysterious Girl”), Joross Gamboa (“The Jester”), Wendy Valdez (“The Righteous”) and Helga Krapf (“The Sweet Girl”). Phoemela Baranda hosts.

Derek and Nadine find each other interesting

Rumors have it that Derek Ramsay and “Kidlat” love interest Nadine Samonte are carrying their on screen romance over to real life.

The two stars reportedly disappeared on the set of “Kidlat,”  without so much as a by your leave to anyone in the production team.

Derek and Nadine denied this in separate interviews at the thanksgiving party TV5 threw for the fantasy-action series’ outstanding performance, ratings wise.

“Ano kami bata?” Nadine protested. “Hindi kami tumakas.  Nagpapaalam kami sa production (staff).  At pag umaalis kami ni Derek, kasama ang mga staff.”

Derek, who sat in a separate chair away from Nadine repeated the same thing.

“Lumalabas kami kapag lunch break at kapag nasa area kami (ng mga restaurants).”

Derek, now popularly known as Kidlat,  adds that he and Nadine  haven’t dated on their own.  They always have company (e.g. co-star Baron Geisler).

But the mutual attraction is there.

Derek describes Nadine as interesting, someone he’d love to know better.

Meanwhile, Nadine admits that she and Derek enjoy each other’s company. And she welcomes the idea of knowing him real well.

“Gusto ko matibay ang foundation ng relasyon namin. Ayaw kong pumasok sa sitwasyon na pag may  negative (na sinabi) about him, masasaktan ako.”

Yes, she admits they’ve asked each other private questions. But the status of their relationship is not one of them.

But the fact that Nadine asked Derek pointblank if he’s seeing someone and if something special exists between him and Cristine is already a good sign  for the romantics out there.

“Ayaw  kong pumasok sa isang situation na  magulo. Iwas ako sa gulo,” she explains.

As for  Derek, all he has to say is that he finds Nadine interesting.  Interesting enough to want to know her better.

“Only time will tell if (the relationship) will grow,” he adds.  Derek would rather cross the bridge when he gets there.

If and when that magical moment comes, Nadine  promised that she’ll be more more than happy to  announce it to the world.

“Kung kami, sasabihin namin.  Pareho kaming single. Honest ako. At sa showbiz, walang namang maitatago. Lalabas at lalabas yan.”

Now you know why Nadine exudes a special glow  and Derek himself is keeping his cards close to his chest.

“Malalaman natin kapag nandiyan na,” he says.

“There’s nothing I can do if that’s how she feels.”, Derek Ramsay on Angelica Panganiban’s post about their breakup on Twitter.


Derek Ramsay admitted that he wasn’t aware about the Q&A happened on Angelica’s twitter account last November 13. As a matter of fact, he didn’t believe that Angelica is the one posting tweets like that at first.

“THAT’S ANGEL’S OPINION.” As much as possible, The Kapamilya actor doesn’t want to comment about that new Twitter post of Angelica regarding their break-up.

He said, “That’s Angel’s opinion, I think. There’s nothing I can do if that’s how she feels.”

“You know, the breakup happened a long time ago.”

“She has a new relationship and I think the focus should be about that—and not about what happened to whatever we had.”

“If that’s how she feels, what can I do?”

What can he say about Angelica’s response to her twitter follower asking this: real reason why you & Derek had to part ways?”

Angelica: “Napagod na ko magtiis.”

For the Amazing Race Philippines host, “I think may tamang tao sa kanya.”

“Kung she was with me, nagpilit o nagtitiis, I don’t think it was…”

“I think it’s a good relationship.

“It’s just sad that it’s the case, that’s what she thinks.”

ANNOYED BY THE ISSUES. Do Derek find these questions/ issues about him and Angel coming from different people annoying?

Derek said, “it’s annoying na parang it doesn’t wanna go away.”

The TV5 star added, “People say that they want to give us a chance. It will help if they give us a chance without being so negative, di ba?”

“I’ve moved on, she’s moved on.”

“I think the focus should be not about her past relationship but on her new relationship.”

“I don’t really know what to say or comment.”

“I guess she’s communicating with her fans… her fans have a lot of questions.”

“If that [is what] she knows happened, there’s nothing I can do.”

Regarding his communication with Angelica after their relationship, Derek admits that it isn’t as often as when they were still together.

“We did have short communications, but not like before.”

“She sent me an e-mail; I sent her an e-mail back.”

“I don’t know, we broke up without getting on each other’s circle.”

“It was a good breakup.”

“But then after, there is she… it’s just weird.”


“NO BAD BLOOD.” According to Derek, He is ready to face Angelica.

He said, “Ako, if I see Angelica, if I ever cross her path, I’d say ‘hi’ and greet her, of course.”

“I don’t know what to say because, for me, I don’t think there’s anything wrong.”

“Angel and I decided to end our relationship a long time ago.”

“I think when she’s ready  and I’m ready, our paths will meetmaybe we’ll be good then.”

Derek clears that he has no hard feelings to the ex-girlfriend.

“There’s definitely no bad blood from my side when it comes to her.”

“You won’t hear me speak of Angel and the relationship that she has now.”

“I just can’t wait for the day for people to stop asking or make up stuff about everything.”

“You know, this Twitter thing is very new to me and I don’t think she’s doing it to badmouth me.”

“Like I said, she was just expressing her opinion.

Montano Denies Snubbing OMB Chairmanship

Seems like the actor, Cesar Montano didn’t actually discard the Optical Media Board (OMB) chairmanship as reported.

According to the actor, there was just a “misunderstanding” over the issue and that all is still up in the air.

“Inaayos namin, pero hindi ako uupo muna… hindi muna,” he said in a recent interview. “Nagkaroon lang ng misunderstanding.”

Seemingly, there is still an enduring talk of another “appointment” but Montano is silent as to what that means, only observing that, “mas effective ako sa ibang parte. Like arts and culture, gano’n.”

In addition, Montano said that leading the OMB is not his “cup of tea.”

“Maraming mas bagay sa trabahong ‘yan,” he asserted. “In the first place, hindi naman kailangang artista diyan.”

Montano argued that it’s all a substance of personal judgment, as to what exactly is his stand regarding piracy. “There are no outside solution. There are only inside solution when it comes to that,” he uttered.

“The problem is us, we’re all sinners, we’re all guilty of doing that. Iyan po ang katotohanan,” he added.

President Benigno Aquino III was the one who selected Montano to the Optical Media Board (OMB) early this year.

As a replacement of the musician and board member, John Philip Lesaca, Montano was initially chosen to a term expiring on March 5, 2013. Talks of Montano supposing the chairmanship position just raiced lately.

Ronnie Ricketts is currently the head of OMB, a friend of Montano.

“Nagkausap na kami [about the appointment],” Montano said. “Ganoon din sinabi ko sa kanya. Sabi ko, kayang-kaya na niya ‘yun.”

Temporarily, Montano had forbidden proposals that he had a falling out with GMA executives, which supposedly guided him to not renew his contract with the entertainment giant.

“No, no… I have finished my contract with GMA-7. [But] I’m happy with the way they treated me,” he said. “Wala akong masasabi but thank you very much to GMA-7, Atty. [Felipe] Gozon, to Jimmy Duavit and to Shirley Pizarro, my manager na nag-alaga sa akin nung nandoon pa ako,” he added.

He confessed, though, that there were arranged projects that didn’t exactly push through during his term with the network.

“Ah, well, dapat meron kaming gagawin, pero hindi na muna natuloy. May offer naman sila, eh. But right now, gusto kong mag-focus sa pelikula [with Viva, his new management team],” he supposed.

Montano revealed that he is considering over the prospect of joining TV5 if only to be able to work with his buddy, actor Aga Muhlach again.

“Puwede, bakit hindi? I’d love to work with Aga again. Lalo na kung noontime show, comedy, o sitcom,” he alleged.

Actress Nina Jose denies that she is being courted by Bossing Vic Sotto.

Rumors are speculating that there is something between the Top Comedy TV-Host Vic Sotto and actress Nina Jose. Both Nina and Vic are together in “The Jose and Wally Show Starring Vic Sotto” shown  on TV5.

“Nagulat ako nang lumabas yung issue na sinasabi nilang nililigawan ako ni Marvic [Vic Sotto's real name], dahil hindi totoo yun.

“He’s just a special friend dahil sobrang bait niya.

“Baka na-misinterpret lang nila yung sinabi ko kaya nag-assume sila, na sinabi ko na nililigawan ako ni Marvic, or ni Bossing Vic.”; as per told by Nina.

She also said that she isn’t care on what people calls her being “assuming”

On the other hand, last few weeks Pauleen Luna is being link to Vic Sotto and the press couldn’t help but to ask Nina if she and Pauleen are friends.

“I met her. You know, we’re okay naman.

“We just say ‘Hi, hello!’ ganyan.”

David Archuleta is Coming Back to the Philippines for an Acting Career

It is confirmed that American Idol alumnus David Archuleta will arrive in the Philippines on January 13, 2012 and this time, it is not for singing but for an acting career.

David recently signed a contract with TV5. He will do a primetime series for the Kapatid Network with actresses Jasmin Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero. According to Cristi Fermin on “Paparazzi”, the details of the show such as the title and the time slot will soon be announced in a later date. In the said primetime series, David will play a love triangle role with Jasmin and Eula.

It seems like the Kapatid Network is working its best to climb up the rankings. It has spent a lot of money on acquiring big stars such as Sharon Cuneta, Willie Revillame, and Maricel Soriano. And now, they have an American Idol alumnus to help them with the ratings.

Meanwhile, David Archuleta earlier announced that he would be leaving the singing industry for a while to do a fulltime mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints.

“It’s not because someone told me that I’m supposed to do it, not because I no longer want to do music anymore, but it’s because of the feeling that I felt that I need to do next in my life. It’s just the same feeling that I’ve always followed, try to follow in my life. It’s the feeling that’s allowed me to have the opportunities I’ve had, the challenges I’ve had to overcome, and the blessings, too. I’ve learned to trust that feeling. I’ve learned that I need to answer when He calls. And that’s the reason I know that I need to do this in my life,” Archuleta said.

His Mormon mission is not yet set at this time but he revealed that it would be early this year.

Atty. Felipe Gozon on alleged sale of GMA-7: “Kung may mag-o-offer ng P500 billion, kahit tulog ako, gisingin n’yo ako, I will sell”

As you know all this starts with Ruffa Guiterrez tweet last December 25, as she posted:

“Guess what MVP is buying next?? Found out last week through a little birdy but the few people I told didn’t believe me. Now its CONFIRMEDDD.”

And rumors are told that Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP) had offered to buy GMA-7 for “P500 billion.”

MVP bought TV5 in 2010, and his reported interest in GMA-7 has been seen as another effort to strengthen his television reach.

“There is no truth to the rumor going around in social media sites and the internet that Mr. Manny Pangilinan has bought GMA Network. In fact, there is even no negotiation going on between GMA and Mr. Pangilinan regarding the latter’s acquisition of GMA-7.” As per GMA-7 announce last December 27.

Also according to InterAksyon.com, the online news portal of TV5-  Atty. Ray Espinosa the TV5′s President and CEO, denies that rumor.

And yesterday Atty. Gozon in a media press, discussing their launching of programs scheduled this first quarter of 2012 addressed the issue of the supposed sale of GMA-7.

He said, “Kung P500 billion, ibebenta ko right now”.

“Kung may mag-o-offer ng P500 billion, kahit tulog ako, gisingin n’yo ako, I will sell”.

“Pag below that, medyo iisipin ko muna”.

He later added, “Out of this world naman yun… That is a very wild rumor.”

Still according to PEP sources, there is an offer made, but agree that “P500 billion” is a stratospheric number. Yes it is in billions of pesos but way below that figure.

Added to that the three families owning the majority stock of the Kapuso network – the Duavits, Jimenezes, and Gozons—are not united in the decision to accept MVP’s offer.

For now, MVP himself has been quiet with regards to this matter.

Ate Shawie is the Newest Kapatid

Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s transfer from ABS-CBN to TV5 has long been an issue which Megastar neither confirmed nor denied. Yesterday, November 22, 2011, the issue was proved to be right as TV5 employees welcome Sharon Cuneta as their newest Kapatid. Describing how she felt as she stepped foot in TV5 office at Marajo Tower in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig with a warm welcome by her new TV5 family, Sharon said that it was “mixed emotions.”

The Megastar signed a five- year-contract with the Kapatid Network inclusive of a daily TV show, a reality show, and a movie project. Present in the contract signing was TV5 President and CEO Atty. Ray Espinosa, TV5 COO Robert Barriero, Sharon Cuneta’s longtime manager Sandra Chavez and her other manager Vic del Rosario of Viva Artist Agency. However, TV5 Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan was not there during the contract signing. “MVP is supposed to be here but there’s too much Pangilinans already,” Sharon said as a joke.

Sharon Cuneta is rumored to have a 1 billion peso talent fee but when the press tried to confirm the issue, they just kept mum about it.

On the other hand, KC was clueless in her mom’s transfer of home network.

KC on the issue: “Wala pa po siyang [her mom] kinukuwento sa akin. Siguro hinihiwalay lang niya ‘yong… Whatever makes her happy, magiging masaya din ako.”

Meanwhile, the much awaited Vilma Santos-Sharon Cuneta movie will not push through yet. Both Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Star for All Season Vilma Santos were saddened on this postponement.

“Hindi ako matatahimik hangga’t hindi kami gumagawa ng movie together,” Sharon said.

“Ang mga proyekto there’s such a thing as right timing e. Pagka may mga obstacles na ganyan, huwag nating ituloy. Baka kasi hindi pa time yan. Pero definitely, and magandang balita is nakareserba yan,” Ate Vi explains.

As of now, Ate Shawie focuses her attention in her movie with Gerald Anderson, Enrique Gil, and Julia Montes under the direction of Laurenti Dyogi which will be showed in theaters next year.

Kean Denies Using Vice to Fuel His Career

Callalily lead vocalist Kean Cipriano denies using Vice to boost his career. He said in a tapped interview aired in Paparazzi last November 13 that allegations of him using Vice is just a pure prank and that he respects the people he encounter throughout his career and in his life as well.

Kean and Vice’s friendship started when the earlier was invited as a guest judge back in January 2010 in ABS-CBN’s noontime program “Showtime” where Vice is the resident judge, “hurado” as they call it. The friendship continues on- and off-cam as they give nicknames to each other. Kean calls Vice “sweetcorn” while Vice calls him “popcorn”. They are also noted to have frequent show of affection over social networking site, Twitter.

He stresses that he never uses another person for success of his own career.

Kean is also rumored to be romantically linked to celebrity stylist Liz Uy, sister of My Binondo Girl actress Laureen Uy and also a good friend of Vice Ganda.

He said: “Ewan ko sa kanila. Pero Liz and I are good friends… We’re super friends. Really good friends.” He also describes Liz as a person who is very kind, very brilliant, and very good at her craft.

When asked if he would consider Liz as his ideal girl, he said: “Why not?”

“Mahirap kasi mag-ano eh, ‘yung sasabihin mo na, ‘Oh dapat baka merong may mangyaring kung ano man.’ Pero hindi, ayokong sirain ‘yung magandang pagkakaibigan namin,” said Kean.

On the other hand, the singer keeps silent about the real score between him and Alex Gonzaga who happens to be his onscreen partner.

“Well ‘yung sa ‘min naman kasi ni Alex, it’s something na ayokong talagang pag-usapan dahil siyempre babae ‘yung tao [tapos] magsasalita [ako]. Eh ‘di naman yata maganda ‘yon.”

“We shared something, we shared moments together… basta moments, we shared moments together na dadalhin ‘ko sa kung sa’n ‘man ako makapunta,” he said.

Kean’s acting career started 2010 as he was given a break in TV5’s show “BFGF”. Although reportedly set to appear in the upcoming show “P.S. I Love You” of the same network, Kean would not leave singing for acting. He said that their band is “stronger than ever” and his band mates are not insecure of his popularity. Kean assured fans that Callalily will never disband.

Sharon Cuneta Moves to TV5?

Rumors has been circulating the industry that actress and TV host Miss Sharon Cuneta will be transfering to TV5 as soon as her contract with ABS-CBN expires on January 2012.

It has been said that Sharon already had a meeting with TV5 executives to sign her contract with them. But she denies these allegations , however she said that she has not closed any doors to other networks.

“So far yah. I’m here, I haven’t packed my things. I’m again being managed by Boss Vic del Rosario and I’m very happy about that; he’s co-managing me with Sandra Chavez.

“Parang it’s a little bit of a homecoming for me sa Viva. I’ll do projects with them, pati recording later on. I’ll do a big concert with Martin Nievera for the first time—a back to back—it’s called Once in a Lifetime in Araneta on Ferbruary 11. I [also] have a concert in New Zealand next month,”

“But back to the issue… At this point, I haven’t been, I’m waiting for Boss Vic and Sandra to tell me what the actual situation is. I will need to sit down with them and see what’s happening.

“Tapos, I’ll be happy to sit down and hear what other people will offer me. So far, I have no reason yet to leave ABS. Kumbaga I haven’t met with anybody. Let’s see, that’s the most honest answer I can give.

“I haven’t met with anybody yet but I’d like to give myself a chance.”

When asked about whether she would still host the next season of Star Power and Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. She replied “Honestly, I cannot comment also at this point.”

Having hosted the Biggest Loser Sharon admits that she lost some weight.

“I’m down 3 [sizes] so far. Smart eating, conscious eating, then you give yourself a break, every now and then. Today I had an apple ’cause I needed sugar, just for today.

“The treatment at Marie France also helps speed up my metabolism. I also cut down on my carbs.”