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New York Journal: Luis Manzano starts shoot with mom Vilma

Luis Manzano and Vilma Santos in New York ('In My Life' shooting)

Luis Manzano and Vilma Santos in New York ('In My Life' shooting)

NEW YORK—April 24. On the 5th shooting day of “In My Life” in New York, Vilma Santos and Luis Manzano finally came face-to-face in front of the grinding cameras as they shot their very first scene in their very first full-length film together Vilma had a guest role in “Ang Cute ng Ina Mo,” one of Luis’ two earlier films. The other one is “All About Love.”

The scene between Vilma and Luis (who also play mother and son in the film) happens at the Sheridan Square Park – a popular spot in New York where the historic gay club, Stonewall Inn, is located.  What occurs in this particular scene is one of the many amusing highlights in this much-awaited film from Star Cinema. Read more…

Everyone are excited in this movie. It’s really different, because i think this is the first time that the real mother and son  in a movie.

Sharon Cuneta will support Senator Francis Pangilinan over Governor Vilma Santos

sharon cunetaAs early as now, politicos have been announcing their plans to run for public office in the coming 2010 National Elections. One man that has been consistently asked about his 2010 plans is Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan. At the April 27 press conference of her movie Best Friends Forever, Senator Kiko’s wife, Sharon Cuneta was asked if the Senator would be running for Vice President in the coming election. “Yes. It makes me very scared and excited at the same time,” the Megastar confirmed.

In the meantime, Batangas Governor Vilma Santos, a long-time friend of Sharon’s, has yet to give in to requests that she run for the VP position. With this possibility still open, Sharon was asked what would she do in the event that her husband and her close friend would compete for the VP seat. “Is she (Gov. Vilma) running for VP? Read more..

Eventually, Ms. Vilma Santos has not yet decided whether to run for Vice President or not. But as we all expected, Ms. Sharon will always be supporting her loving Husband.

Vilma & John Lloyd: Breakfast in Brooklyn

John Lloyd Cruz & Vilma Santos

John Lloyd Cruz & Vilma Santos

NEW YORK–Here are some photos from the second-day shoot of “In My Life,” which I was able to cover. In this scene, Noel (John Lloyd Cruz) eagerly shows his “mother-in-law” Shirley (Vilma Santos) around Brooklyn, New York, where he and her son Mark (Luis Manzano) live as a gay couple. Shirley just arrived in New York to visit Mark. But Luis is “busy” with work. There is a plotline here that I cannot reveal so as not to spoil the story. So Noel is forced to spend time with his uptight “mother-in-law.”

He introduces her to the breakfast habit of native New Yorkers – freshly baked bagels! The uptight Shirley doubts that she will like the taste of bagels, a cute getting-to-know-you scene between them. Vilma, of course, is Luis’ mom in real life. Did she have bagel? Did she like it? Well, this is a delightful, amusing scene that should be seen on the screen. But the breakfast did not cause Shirley to warm up to Noel. No, not yet anyway. Read more…

I watched the news regarding this movie and the first plan was Edu Manzano will do the ex-husband and father cameo role.  But  he did not accept it so Tirso Cruz III will play the role.

Vilma Santos in New York for ‘In My Life’

Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos on Sunday flew to New York in the United States to begin shooting for her much anticipated comeback movie, “In My Life.”

Santos will stay in New York until the second week of May, “The Buzz” reported.

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“In My Life,” final title of Vilma’s movie

Vilma Santos

Vilma Santos

“In My Life” is the final title of Vilma Santos’ new Star Cinema movie with John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano. It used to go by the working title “A Mother’s Story.” “In My Life” is also the title of the 30-minute, five-week television special over ABS CBN.

“In My Life,” the special, will air one month prior to the premiere of “In My Life” the movie. It highlights Vilma’s career as the most multi-awarded actress, a television icon, a legendary dancer, a phenomenal politician, a loving mother and a dutiful daughter to her own mom. The fourth week will feature behind-the-scenes exclusive features on the making of the film and the three-week shoot in New York.  Read more…