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Ethel Booba speaks up about Willie

Ethel Booba finally broke her silence on her feud with Wowowillie host Willie Revillame, who castigated her and fellow host Ate Gay on national TV over the results of a costume contest on the said show. “Hindi di ko siya (Willie) sinigawan,” she said. Asked who is lying, she or Willie, Ethel answered, “Siya (Willie). Witness ang mga staff at si Ate Gay. Alam nilang walang sigawan na nangyari,” Ethel said in an interview after the presscon of her new reality show, TV5’s “Boracay Bodies.”

Ethel admitted she never expected Willie to scold her publicly. She reported for work, feeling ready to call it quits. Ethel said she just wanted to just go abroad. “Feeling ko okay kami,” she recalls.“Sabi pa nga niya, ‘wag kang mag-alala, ipagtatanggol kita.” Ethel was referring to Willie’s reaction regarding negative Twitter messages the former showed to him the day he scolded her and Ate Gay.

Ethel also recalled that Willie raised his voice after she told him Ate Gay felt hurt over the results of the costume contest, where he chose the show’s choreographer Anna Feliciano as the winner. “Noong sinabi ko kay Willie na nagtatampo si Ate Gay , sabi niya, ‘Anong problema?’ Tumaas ang boses niya. Nagmura siya at sinabing, ‘Ang liit na bagay. Yan lang. Kung hindi ninyo gusto ang patakaran, lumayas kayo. Get out!”

Ethel was understandably shocked. She also denied that she confronted Willie in the dressing room over the matter. “Maling mali ang statement niya na sinugod namin siya sa dressing room. Teritoryo niya yon. Di totoo yon.”

Success and Willie. Ethel felt success has gotten the better of Willie. Ethel also notes that Willie has been sour since “Wowowillie’s” lost viewers to rival show, “It’s Showtime.” She added that she was controlling her feelings since Day One, when Willie blamed her for the brown-out that happened at the presscon of “Wowowillie.” At this point, Ethel still feels hurt and is not ready to patch things up with Willie.

Meanwhile, there is no bad blood between her and Ate Gay, who has rejoined “Wowowillie.” Ethel knows her friend just wants to make a career move and create a niche on TV5.
“Nag-usap na kami,” Ethel reveals.

Ethel is “The Diva” on “Boracay Bodies,” which premieres on TV5 on April 6, 9 p.m. Joining her are Brent Javier (“The Boy Next Door”), Victor Silayan (“The Lover Boy”), Luke Jickain (“The Wise Man”), Krista Miller (“Mysterious Girl”), Joross Gamboa (“The Jester”), Wendy Valdez (“The Righteous”) and Helga Krapf (“The Sweet Girl”). Phoemela Baranda hosts.

David Archuleta is Coming Back to the Philippines for an Acting Career

It is confirmed that American Idol alumnus David Archuleta will arrive in the Philippines on January 13, 2012 and this time, it is not for singing but for an acting career.

David recently signed a contract with TV5. He will do a primetime series for the Kapatid Network with actresses Jasmin Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero. According to Cristi Fermin on “Paparazzi”, the details of the show such as the title and the time slot will soon be announced in a later date. In the said primetime series, David will play a love triangle role with Jasmin and Eula.

It seems like the Kapatid Network is working its best to climb up the rankings. It has spent a lot of money on acquiring big stars such as Sharon Cuneta, Willie Revillame, and Maricel Soriano. And now, they have an American Idol alumnus to help them with the ratings.

Meanwhile, David Archuleta earlier announced that he would be leaving the singing industry for a while to do a fulltime mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints.

“It’s not because someone told me that I’m supposed to do it, not because I no longer want to do music anymore, but it’s because of the feeling that I felt that I need to do next in my life. It’s just the same feeling that I’ve always followed, try to follow in my life. It’s the feeling that’s allowed me to have the opportunities I’ve had, the challenges I’ve had to overcome, and the blessings, too. I’ve learned to trust that feeling. I’ve learned that I need to answer when He calls. And that’s the reason I know that I need to do this in my life,” Archuleta said.

His Mormon mission is not yet set at this time but he revealed that it would be early this year.

Wiilie Revillame and other stars donations for the bishops.

Celebrity host Willie Revillame has joined Ang Galing Pinoy Rep. Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo and other donors in pooling their resources to raise money for the purchase of vehicles for the bishops. Atty. Romulo Macalintal and former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza are leading the fundraising drive as a support for the seven bishops who were maligned over the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) donations controversy.

Willie Revillame donated P100,000 said lawyer Romulo Macalintal, And after donating cash, television host Willie Revillame is giving two new vehicles for the charity work of some Catholic dioceses. Lawyer Romulo Macalintal said that Revillame is donating one Foton 15-seater van and one Foton pick-up car.

“Revillame is making the donation to show his deep concern for the needs of our bishops,” Macalintal said. And according to the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, Willie had been one of the “generous philanthropists” for the fundraising campaign.

The total donation has already reached P1.5 million as of July 21, nine days after the fund raising campaign was launched.

Last week, the four prelates from Mindanao and three Northern Luzon dioceses, returned the utility vehicles which they bought from PCSO donations in 2009 in the middle of the allegations that former Arroyo gave the cars in return of their political allegiance. The decision was made after the current PCSO administration told media that former President Gloria Arroyo distributed “luxury vehicles for personal use” of some bishops for political reasons. The prelates, however, clarified that what they got were not luxury cars but utility vehicles for Church-operated missions.

Aside Willie Revillame, other celebrities and organizations also donated for the fund-raising campaign. Senator Tito Sotto and Senator Bong Revilla together with his wife Lani Mercado donated P200,000 each, Senator Chiz Escudero donated 100,000, former Senator Ernie Maceda donated 10,000 pesos. Jojo Mitra, which is the eldest son of our former speaker Ramon Mitra donated 50,000 pesos and organization like Radyo Veritas and Manila Amado Bagatsing donated 100,000 pesos each.

Willie returns with a new show “Wil Time Bigtime”

Willie Revillame

Willie Revillame is making his comeback this Saturday, May 14, after the controversy he got into from his previous noontime show “Willing Willie.”

Last Monday, TV5 announced that the new primetime show will be titled “Wil Time Bigtime”, in replace for his former show.

Willie himself and Valenzuela Councilor Shalani Soledad are the main host for the game show. Other inclusion of the hosts in Willing Willie wasn’t mention.

Willie said, “Wil Time Bigtime is the people’s program. This show is created to entertain them, make them forget their problems even for a while, and possibly realize their dreams.”

The new show will have new games that utilize an LED floor and has a new software technology for a different and frsh TV experience.

“This brand new approach in local game shows is definitely a visual treat for all Filipinos. While brainstorming for new segments, we’re keeping in mind that these new innovations on TV shall be incorporated in all the mechanics of the games to make sure that we offer something new for everyone,” said Jay Montelibano, business unit head of “Wil Time Bigtime.”

“We’re very optimistic with what the new show has to offer. Wil Time Bigtime becomes TV5’s strongest link to the masses and we’re offering them a whole new TV viewing experience with the technology we’re utilizing in the show,” said Roberto V. Barreiro, TV5 Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

The pilot episode of the show will air 5pm this Saturday and 6:30pm for the following weeknights on TV5.

Willie Revillame needs a break to reflect

Willing Willie

Willing Willie

After all the controversies thrown to host Willie Revellame of TV’s “Willing Willie” on March 12 episode where he was accused of child abuse, the host decided to take a break to give time for his self to reflect about what happened.

The issue gave the TV show and the network big impact that caused DSWD (Department of Social Welfare Development), CHR (Commission on Human Rights) and CBCP (Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines) to be alarmed.  Movie and Television Review and Classification Board then decided to review the controversial episode that’s been talk of the town lately.

Recently, JFC (Jollibee Food Corp.) decided to suspend their ad placement  Mang Inasal  in “Willing Willie” to review the issue.  This action of JFC gained positive responds from the viewers. Procter and Gamble did the same.  According to Yahoo! Phillipines News, P&G Philippines released a statement through Anama Dimapilis of P&G’s Corporate Communications, Brand Public Relations department regarding their decision about the issue.

Willie Revellame

Willie Revellame

While two other sponsors of the show also pulled out their ads, Unilever and Cebuana Lhuillier, CDO-Foodsphere Inc. will no longer continue sponsorship to the show but still stick to their first statement where they wouldn’t pull out their advertisement until the end of their advertisement contract.

On last night’s live airing of “Willing Willie”, Willie announced that he will take a break for to think and reflect whether he’ll continue hosting the show or not.  He asked to give him time to think hard about this matter. But before ending his announcement he didn’t forget to express his reaction on those intriguing him and accusing him of child abuse. He even mentioned celebrities that attacked him through the micro blogging website twitter.

The controversial host also appealed on the suspension issue of his show and bragged to be fair. He said if they’ll be suspended other networks should be suspended also, he’s talking about ABS-CBN’s Goin’ Bulilit and Showtime, where child in Goin’ Bulilit and Showtime dancing the same as Jan Jan’s dance during his program.
Willie assured that if ever he’ll be able to be back, he’ll continue what he have started, giving hope to his fellow Filipinos. Even if advertisers will not support the show, he promised to sacrifice his own salary for the sake of the people who hopes and believes in him.

Starting today, April 9, “Willing Willie” will not be airing live; instead recorded episodes will be shown for the following weeks.

Procter and Gamble suspends TV ads on Willing Willie while MTRCB is discussing about suspension of the show

Jolibee Foods Corporation temporarily pulled out its Mang Inasal ads placements on “Willing Willie” because of the March 12 episode of TV5’s afternoon show Willing Willie where Willie Revillame, the host of the show, taunted and goaded a six-year-old boy into performing a sexually suggestive dance.

Willing Willie

After few days, Procter and Gamble, one of the sponsors of the game show also decided to suspend their advertisement on the show.  According to Ellen Tordesillas on (news.yahoo.ph) P&G Philippines released a statement through Anama Dimapilis of P&G’s Corporate Communications, Brand Public Relations department.

The letter stated: “Procter & Gamble strives to advertise on programs that align with our values as a company and our purpose to touch and improve lives. We routinely monitor the media in which our brands’ messages appear and make advertising decisions that meet our policies and achieve our goals. We are aware of the recent incident in the program of ‘Willing Willie’ and we have suspended advertising on the show beginning April 7, 2011, while the incident is being reviewed and investigated by authorities.”

It is expected that todayApril 7, MTRCB will be announcing their decision regarding these incident.  According to Ellen Tordesillas of Yahoo! OMG! Philippines!,  One of the officials of MTRCB who didn’t want to be named said that there’s no question about the suspension and what’s being discussed is for how long the show will be suspended.

P127-M Copyright Case against Willie Revillame

ABS-CBN network has filed a copyright infringement case against the estranged talent Willie Revillame, his company Wil Productions, Inc., and the president of his new home network, TV5′s Ray Espinosa.

The network signed the complaint at the Makati Regional Trial Court last November 24, stating that the parties in question “deliberately and intentionally imitated ‘Wowowee,’” a top-rating noontime show which Revillame previously hosted on ABS-CBN, thereby violating section 172.2 of the Intellectual Property Code.

The format of the new show Willing Willie is disturbingly of the same format that of the previous show Wowowee. Even their production numbers, games like Big Time Ka and Willtime Bigtime, the lighting, camera angles, studio audience seat layout and down to the stage and set design are all strikingly similar to Wowowee, thus “stealing” the goodwill that Wowowee has built over the past 5 years of airing in ABS-CBN.

A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the airing of Willing Willie is now being asked from the court. Previous TROs we’re dismissed by the Quezon City Regional Trail Court, under the sala of Judge Luisito Cortez, as well as the Court of Appeals. The network is hoping that this time, the TRO will be filed successfully.

Jobert Sucaldito: I respect ABS-CBN’s decision on Willie

MANILA, Philippines – Entertainment columnist and host Jobert Sucaldito said Tuesday he respects the decision reached by the management of ABS-CBN and Willie Revillame after their closed-door meeting Monday. 

“Ako kasi ang laging posisyon ko dito is that whatever ang maging desisyon ng management, we will have to respect it kasi they know better,” Sucaldito said.

Sucaldito’s alleged constant criticisms were the source of Revillame’s latest ire that led to the controversial “Wowowee” host resigning from the program. 

In their Monday meeting, Revillame apologized to the ABS-CBN management for his on-air outburst on May 4 over his rift with Sucaldito.

In a statement issued on Tuesday by ABS-CBN, Revillame also apologized for his failure to report to work since May 5. In turn, ABS-CBN management accepted Revillame’s apology. 

Both parties also agreed that Revillame would take an indefinite break effective immediately, but his contract obligations with ABS-CBN will hold. This disallows him to perform similar work for any person or entity in direct competition with ABS-CBN. 

The statement said that at some point, ABS-CBN management and Revillame will discuss what will be in the best interest of the viewing public.

ABS-CBN News asked Revillame for an interview, but the host declined.

Robin Padilla has temporarily replaced Revillame, but he is set to step down as host on Friday. When sought for reaction, Padilla said: “Tayo po ay nandito para huwag pong maapektuhan [ang saya] na dinudulot ng ‘Wowowee.’”

On Tuesday, Cesar Montano told abs-cbnNEWS.com that he has received an offer to host “Wowowee” for 2 weeks, similar to Padilla’s stint. ABS-CBN, however, has not made a final decision on whether Montano would take over as host.

Robin Padilla might be the new permanent host of Wowowee

Robin Padilla is happy that popular noontime show “Wowowee” continues to do well in terms of television ratings after he took over the show 5 days ago.
“Lahat po ng ginagawa ko dito para po sa inyo… medyo bago po sa atin ang [pagho-host] pero lahat ng ito [ay ginagawa natin para] tayo’y maging masaya,” Padilla said.
Padilla’s hosting stint on “Wowowee” ranked No. 5 on Twitter’s worldwide top trending topics when he was formally introduced as Revillame’s temporary replacement on May 15.
Based on the television ratings data released by global research specialist Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), “Wowowee’s” audience share jumped from 18.1% on May 14 to 20.5% on May 15. The show’s audience share on May 17 was at 20.5%.
“Wowowee” also continued to beat its rival, “Eat Bulaga,” according to the TNS national data. “Eat Bulaga’s” audience share on May 14 was 12.2%; May 15, 13.6% ; and May 17, 11.4%, figures from TNS showed.
Padilla said he is happy to host the show while Revillame remains on indefinite leave. He also vowed to improve his hosting skill.
“Pasensya na po. Marami pa rin po akong pagkakamali. Kapag pinapanood kong mag-isa ang episode, nakikita ko po ang lahat ng pagkakamali ko,” he said.
“Hayaan ninyo po. Pinipilit ko po araw-araw na malagpasan pa kung ano ang nagawa ko noong nakaraang araw. Alam ninyo naman na ako ay [a] man of few words. Akalain mo, ngayon dapat ay maging madaldal [ako]. Iyan ay mahirap,” he added.
The action star also refused to be discouraged by critisim thrown at him since he replaced Revillame.
He said: “Opinion ng tao ‘yan na dapat i-respeto at hindi kontrahin. Dapat nating ligawan. Bilang nagpupumilit na host ng ‘Wowowee,’ dapat nating ligawan ang tao.”

TV5: No deal for Willie Revillame yet

Willie Revillame

Willie Revillame

MANILA, Philippines – Controversial noontime TV host Willie Revillame surprised everyone when he agreed to an exclusive recorded interview on TV5′s Paparazzi that aired last Sunday, May 17.

According to an article found in PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) Willie has been on an indefinite leave from his noontime show in ABS-CBN, Wowowee, for more or less two weeks now. The TV host’s decision to take an indefinite leave was caused by Jobert Sucaldito’s negative comments about the previous batch of contestants in one of the Wowowee segments.

In the TV5 interview, the host admitted that he has not made a decision yet if he will indeed return to Wowowee. “Pinag-aaralan ko lahat, pinag-iisipan ko lahat. Kumbaga, kinakausap ko rin sarili ko. Dapat kausapin mo rin. Ano ba ang gusto mong gawin? Ano pa ba ang gusto mong gawin sa buhay mo?” said Willie.

It can also be recalled that during the last sortie of presidential aspirant Manny Villar, Willie was quoted saying: “Natatakot akong mawalan ng trabaho? Pag magaling ka, may bilib ka sa sarili mo, at mabuti kang tao, ‘wag kang matakot. May kukuha sa ‘yo. Ba’t ako matatakot? Isa lang ba ang channel?”

After his given statements and interview with Paparazzi, many others have started speculating that Willie might be, by any chance, moving to TV5.